Lerner discouraged investigation by supervisor of IRS harassment

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Working for the Democratic Party: New emails reveal that Lois Lerner worked to stonewall any investigation by her supervisors into the harassment of conservatives by the IRS.


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  • PeterF

    From where I’m sitting it looks like the stonewalling has had the desired effect. I bet she would stop pleading the fifth and sing like a canary if she ever felt some silver bracelets! This woman and what she has done must not be allowed to stand without prosecution. I get the feeling that Valerie Jarrett will be one of the people the incredibly corrupt IRS is shielding. Eric Holder is also probably deserving of a perp walk in the IRS case. I believe this administration will fold like a house of cards if one or two people in key position are faced with serious jail time and they turn state’s evidence in return for amnesty.

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