Let the space price war begin.

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Let the space price war begin.

Two money quotes:

This latest launch is bad news for Russia, Europe, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin. SES paid $55 million to SpaceX for the launch; rivals typically charge $100 million to $200 million. SpaceX has a backlog of about $4 billion worth of launches, many for commercial customers that it can now begin to serve.

and this:

We’ll really get a sense of SpaceX’s abilities over the next year. The company plans to launch rockets at a much more ferocious clip, to refine their reusability and to prepare for sending humans to the International Space Station. You can also expect to see SpaceX tormented by politicians with ties to existing launch contractors and military suppliers. May we live in interesting times.



  • geoffc

    Expect the politics to play out over the Air Force EELV contracts. Two out of three required demo flights down, one to go. Once that is complete, expect excuses to NOT offer SpaceX launches to begin to pop up quickly.

  • Pzatchok

    I actually hope Space X doesn’t get US military missions.

    They will place WAY to many restrictions on them. In fact they could force them to only service the military and that could put a huge damper on civilian launches.

    If Space X survives 10 years more I can see it opening a second launch facility overseas someplace relatively neutral and safe.

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