Liberal groups were not targeted by the IRS.

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Despite some recent reports, liberal groups were not targeted by the IRS.

It appears these recent reports, that “progressives” were also targeted, are merely spin, an effort to defuse the scandal. A closer look reveals two facts about this so-called leftwing targeting: One, the liberal organizations were not “targeted,” merely “flagged.” Nothing was done to them at all, which is why none has come forward to complain. Second, the liberal organizations were 501c3 non-profits, not 501c4. The former get a greater tax exemption in exchange for not engaging in any political activity. Thus, such non-profits are normally subjected to greater scrutiny by the IRS.

It didn’t take much research to note these two details. That several major news organizations, including the Chicago Tribuine above and CNN, didn’t bother to check and simply regurgitated the spin, tells us a great deal about them.

Update: in related news, it appears that twelve different units at the IRS were involved in the targeting of conservatives.

That’s a far cry from one or two rogue agents in a single IRS office, as Lois Lerner claimed.



  • wodun

    We would also need to see the questions asked of Democrat groups, how many years they were held in limbo, if their donors were also audited, if other government agencies also targeted them, and whether their applications were given to opposing political groups.

  • wodun

    Oh and one other thing. Democrat groups probably were flagged… for preferential treatment.

  • jwing

    It’s boiling down to this simple fact: you either work for the government and are on the inside or you don’t and are considered lesser than.

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