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Liberal media tries to dox jurors in Manafort case

They’re coming for you next: A coalition of partisan liberal news outlets, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, the Associated Press, CNN, NBC, Politico and BuzzFeed, this week asked that the names and addresses of the jurors in the Manafort trial be released to the public.

The judge today denied the request, noting that he has received death threats and does not want to expose the jurors to similar threats.

Let’s be clear about this: The only reason these Democratic Party advocates disguised as news sources want this information is so that they use it to attack the jurors should they acquit Paul Manafort. This wouldn’t change this particular juror decision, but it would put all future jurors on notice: Don’t you dare rule in a manner the left opposes or you will face retribution and harsh payback.

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  • MarcusZ1967

    I wonder how far a “Obstruction of Law” lawsuit would go against MSM.

  • D Ray

    When is a civil rights case going to be started against these thugs. Surely a RICO case could get a bunch of them.

  • wodun

    That would never happen in the USA, just ask the Electoral College.

  • CVA

    In my 60 years as an objective and observant earth bound misfit, I NEVER would have considered a motivation such as you have postulated plausible. However, the depth of denial and persistent desemination of deceit by these once venerable news outlets have proven themselves unworthy of their respective legacy’s. We must seek to weaken the bonds between the left and the media. The best way is to stop this malevolent relationship is by cutting the financial support which fund these modern day purveyors of distortion. Let the advertisers know your dissatisfaction. Change the channel. Do not shy away from discussion among friends and family who have failed to recognize the second and third derivatives of their distorted beliefs.

  • Jim Davis

    Let’s be clear about this: The only reason these Democratic Party advocates disguised as news sources want this information is so that they use it to attack the jurors should they acquit Paul Manafort.

    I think it’s far more likely that they want to interview the jurors after they render their verdict. These requests have been routine in high profile cases for decades. You’re becoming hysterical, Bob. Deep breaths.

  • Jim Davis: I am not being “hysterical.”. There is evidence in at least two previous cases where these news sources, especially CNN, specially threatened individuals with exposure should they continue to do things CNN did not like. I am about to go on a hike so I don’t have time to track the stories down, but a search on BtB of CNN should find one.

    You forget. I am a journalist. I have lived with these people, for decades. I know their mindset. It is so close-minded even a magic spell by Gandalf couldn’t open it. And in the last two years it has become overwhelmed by an irrational hatred, encouraged by a bankrupt academic community, not only of Trump but of American traditions and history.

  • wayne

    I agree with Mr. Z. on this one.

    MSM wants to unleash antifa and assorted domestic terrorists upon these jurors, and then pretend to report on the “spontaneous uprising of the proletariat against the fascists,” should the verdict go against the phony narrative.

  • Col Beausabre

    Jim Davis

    Is the judge in the case being “hysterical” ?

    “Jurors in the trial of ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort were sent home for the weekend, as the judge in the fraud trial revealed Friday he has received threats over the case and now travels with U.S. Marshals.”

  • wayne

    Col Beausabre-
    good stuff

  • I am about at the point of wanting to attract Progressive ire so I can have some fun.

  • Jim Davis

    Bob, enjoy your hike. As a journalist, you know full well that requests of this sort in high profile cases are completely routine and are usually granted. You must know your assertion that this could be the only reason they would want this information is false if you’re the journalist you claim.

    If you have evidence the media intends to dox jurors, present it. Pretending that the completely routine request for juror contact information is evidence of sinister intent is either dishonest or hysterical. I don’t think you’re dishonest.

  • Jim Davi

    Is the judge in the case being “hysterical” ?

    The judge did not assert that the only reason the media could want juror contact information was to dox the jurors.

    Bob did.

    Therefore, Bob is hysterical, not the judge.

    I thought I made that clear. I can’t imagine where you got the idea that I thought the judge was hysterical.

  • Cotour

    Q: Is it normal for media to ask for jurors names before there is a verdict?


    Is it normal, what ever that means today, for the judge to be threatened related to a tax evasion case, which this basically is?

    If the judge was in deed threatened as he claims and now has Federal protection it may be reasonable to assume that this particular case may result in certain radical political actors taking unusual actions such as harassing jurors both before there is a verdict and after a verdict to send a message. It is not an unreasonable assumption based on what we can all plainly see that goes on in today’s America. Again, this is a special situation and the threats made to the judge establishes that.

    Jim Davi, might what you propose as being “normal” media activity, asking for juror information, be not normal at all based on the facts available in this particular case?

  • Jim Davis: It is not routine to request juror identification and contact information. Instead, it has always been left to the jurors to decide whether they wish to go public. In this story however these press organizations (all decidedly antiTrump) want to force them to do that, even if they do not wish it.

    See this page for the legal background. Though generally the courts have ruled that the information can be released (but not always), journalistic practice has followed a different standard:

    When jurors are not willing to talk, however, some question whether it is appropriate for journalists to name jurors.

    Because jurors do not volunteer for their roles, many journalists question whether they should be thrust into the limelight. According to Tompkins, both before and after a verdict is rendered, most newsrooms err on the side of caution when making these decisions.

    “Generally, there is a policy against publishing juror names,” Tompkins said. “Among journalists, there genuinely is the feeling that there is no good, compelling reason to identify these people.”

    This article outlines examples of CNN’s doxing abuse in the past. I know of other examples (always in favor of leftist politics by the way).

    As I have noted in the past, the real problem we have today is the unwillingness of too many Americans to come to grip with the reality that the left has become decidedly fascist and oppressive, that it has a home in today’s Democratic Party, and that the mainstream media and academic communities are willing partners in this fascist behavior. Your comments here Jim are a good example of this.

    The situation also reminds me of the many histories and first person memoirs I have read of Europe in the 1930s. No one could believe the Nazis really intended to do what they said they intended to do.

    That same unwillingness to face reality is what we have today.

  • Who the heck thinks getting your name and address published as a juror is a good idea? Either high profile political trials or criminal trials. It’s no longer certain which one has the greater potential for payback. Jurors can go to the media for their 15 minutes of fame if they want.

  • Cotour

    Its is the conflation of information and facts, like this doxing issue, that plays a big part in the confusing of the American public.

    Another example: “The Russians interfered with the 2016 presidential election”.

    Which I agree with, through evidence and common sense we can establish that the Russians through various means attempted to influence through the internet and social media the presidential election and cause confusion and chaos. (This would be the ONLY valid component of the Mueller investigation which is unfortunately fraudulent and compromised from the start, purely a political action and weapon) I have no problem understanding and agreeing with that. We do that, the Chinese do that, the British do that, the Russians do that, etc. etc. If it is thought that an advantage can be obtained through some influence or action, both covert and overt in the elections of another country it will be executed more likely than not. The CIA does this all the time, if you understand history you know this for a fact. And I have not much of a problem with it if it is aimed at further securing our advantage. This is the game.

    But what that it is conflated into is: “The Russians through their actions helped and chose D.J. Trump to become president”.

    Which is not a sustainable assertion. How much influence one way or the other had the Russians screwing around with social media ads, buying them on both sides of the political fence had? At best it caused some chaos and may have driven some demonstrations where the Left mostly did their dirty work. Hillary was in fact her own worst enemy.

    And then it is extended into: “The Russians were able to change the tabulations in certain voting districts and chose D.J. Trump to be president because Putin actually controls him through the Steele identified black mail video’s that he has and the fact that Putin and his oligarchs have financed Trump and his business’s for many years and they in fact own him”.

    This is just a bridge way, way too far, there has been no testimony or evidence as admitted by both political party’s Congress persons who have been investigating this situation for the past 19 months. ZERO, NADA, NOTHING of any consequence in regards to this or any other assertion.

    But the media narrative serves its purpose if its just allowed to hang out there, it goes to the advantage of the Democrats. But this in the end is where many really partially informed or not informed at all Democrats / Americans who watch the news rest their conclusion. I had the conversation myself just the other day attempting to explain to someone what they were in fact doing with the information they were absorbing.

    “What is conflation?” was one of the questions posed to me. Its a long road and the enemy’s of America, the leftist media, has a big jump on anyone attempting to explain and reconcile what in fact is under way.

    This Doxing story issue is a good example of much of the same, confused information about what is and what is not “normal” being conflated into an incorrect conclusion, confusion and accusation. all to the advantage of the master manipulators.

  • Max

    The media has been legally re-purposed to achieve desired results regardless of the Trump election. The government has issued $40 million to non Government agencies to produce propaganda to counter foreign propaganda. (The stated intent) Most of this foreign propaganda is not foreign but grass roots conservative websites. Explanation via Ron Paul spokesman. (12 minutes)
    (Pay close attention to who controls and directs this gun of information power. Who it is directed by, and whom it is aimed at…)
    This is all done legally under counter foreign intelligence propaganda and disinformation act. Although meant for “information war”, it allows US government for its own purposes to lie to American people, using taxpayer dollars, to tear down the American way of life to prepare us for a brave new world.
    Here is how it happened, the creation of the fourth branch of government that we all recognize as the “Ministry of truth”. Ben Swann reality check (5 minutes)
    Now you know the true source of the lying media, the fake media, fake news…

    The only reason reporters would insist on a “right to know” the jury members names, place of employment, history, family members is to pass on the information to those who can use it to influence the outcome or to discredit, or to intimidate to produce a miss trial by useful idiots. If the jury’s safety cannot be insured, no one would serve on a jury trial. Another guaranteed right would be eliminated from our Constitution. This of course is the goal of the progressive socialist.
    You are either with them, or against them. Make a choice because they are coming for you next. Facebook has made a choice and they are against ALL conservatives. They know who you are. Big Brother is watching you…

    I found it interesting that Alex Jones only had 2 million viewers and was paid for those hits. Within days after his permanent ban, 5 million subscribers downloaded his app in 48 hours, a new record. It appears Facebook has been shadow banning 3 million subscribers for which they did not pay the revenues that it generated. Imagine that…

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