Liberals are the New McCarthyites—and they’re proud of it

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Some of the hallmarks of the original McCarthyism are popping up in today’s variant. Media companies were pressured in the 1950s not to hire people suspected of Communist ties. Today, pressure is being applied to isolate or sideline scholars who disagree with climate-change policies. In the 1950s, people accused of heretical views were sometimes unfairly attacked or threatened. Today, people who oppose gay marriage sometimes see their jobs or businesses put at risk. Ask Brendan Eich, who was forced to step down last year as CEO of Mozilla for making a six-year-old donation to a measure opposing same-sex marriage. Or the owners of the Indiana pizza parlor who had to close their doors after threats mounted when they said they would serve any customers in their restaurant but wouldn’t cater a gay wedding.

Read it all. It has become increasingly obvious in recent years that the left is no longer interested in civil debate. Disagree with them, and their answer is to try to destroy you.



  • CVA

    The Progressives’ paradox….”how can we celebrate ‘diversity’, with ‘traditional’ intolerance?”
    The inherent acceptance of multiple dishonesties within a “progressives’ mind” is much like the theoretical multiverse, wherein a single particle may exist in two distinct places, simultaneously.
    See the parallel? Lol.

  • Hmmm. Whose got the guns?

  • Don’t overestimate the ability of the right, with its support of the second amendment, to resist the intolerance of the left, with its support of a powerful central state. You have to be willing to use your guns in armed resistance, which I think the right would be reluctant to do. Moreover, the left and government wouldn’t (and isn’t) coming after everyone at once. They attack people one-by-one, disarming them and striking fear in the hearts of everyone else.

  • CVA

    Blair, “who uses guns and how are they used ?……hmmm”

    The quality of a question has a direct
    bearing on the quality of an answer.

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