Liberals in Canada retain control

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In tonight’s national election in Canada the leftist Liberal party under Justin Trudeau managed to maintain its control of the government, but without a clear majority, requiring it to form a coalition with one of the smaller parties.

Trudeau appeared to overcome a challenge in Monday’s national elections from the rival Conservatives four years after he channeled his father’s star power to become prime minister. CBC projects Trudeau’s Liberals won’t win the majority of seats in Parliament and will have to rely on another party to pass legislation.

The final numbers are not in, but it doesn’t look like much will change.

I always consider election results the real and true indicator of society’s trends. This result says that the left continues to maintain its hold on western civilization, despite the utter bankruptcy of its ideas and its increasingly totalitarian policies. Apparently a very large percentage of Canada’s population likes what the left is offering.

This also suggests that we will get a similar result in the 2020 U.S. election. We, just like in Canada, have a large population that likes what the Democrats are offering: Free stuff combined with a willingness to impose its will by force if necessary, including the silencing and literal destruction of its opponents.

Not good. Not good at all.



  • Shaun Karry

    Not surprising. Canadians have been going this direction for a while. I’ve personally worked with a lot that don’t like it though. We’ll see how the balance shifts in the future but it doesn’t look good in the short term. Even though they’ve felt the squeeze they don’t seem to have had enough to sway them to the other side. We’ll see what happens when the squeeze hits them harder though (as it’s bound to with their electoral trends).

  • Phill O

    The liberals were totally shut out of Alberta!!!! Saskatchewan gave them a big kicking also. Quebec cut liberals to half their previous number. While western Canada alienation was rampant under Pierre Trudeau Quebec was a strong supporter.

    It is true that the large urban areas with dense population control the country, very similar to the USA.

    However, the USA has a dynamic and charismatic leader. The last one we had was Ralf Kleine (King Ralf) who was premier of Alberta. Under that leadership, the province got into the black. The progressives put Alberta back in debt big time.

    The problem for Alberta is that economic ties run north-south. Health care runs east west. # 1 rule of control is force health care to be provided by the government.

    Bob is correct, this election result is not good in any shape or form. Western Canada suffers under any Trudeau in power.

  • Phill O

    Here is a link to the result map showing western alienation quite clearly. The conservatives in Alberta so completely rejected the Trudeau government, we are talking like 54,000 to 4,000 in votes for my riding (district).

    There is not on liberal seat from the BC interior to the Ontario Manitoba border (a little east of that).

    One can not say this is uncharted territory as the same was seen when Pierre Trudeau was in power.

  • James Street

    Canada is screwed. USMCA was a good for them. Now they won’t sign and President Trump will just do a deal with Mexico.

  • Col Beausabre

    Dear Western Canada, While the Canadian Pacific was quite an outfit (termini in Southampton and Hong Kong) , we can offer you a lot more today. Speaking personally, I like the sound of “American Columbia”….

  • Phill O

    American Columbia would be like California, Oregon and Washington coasts so no advantage..

  • Phill O

    Here are two videos which give one the insight to some of the issues for Alberta and the Trudeau government. Americans who work can identify; will identify if the democrats regain the White House and the senate.

    The best part is about 9:20

    An overview

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