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Chronological Encyclopedia of Discoveries in Space cover

After being in print for twenty years, the Chronological Encyclopedia of Discoveries in Space, covering everything that was learned on every single space mission in the 20th century, has finally gone out of print.

I presently have my last four hardback copies available for sale. The book sold new for about $90. To get your own autographed copy of this now rare collector's item, please send a $120 check (which includes shipping) payable to Robert Zimmerman to

Behind The Black, c/o Robert Zimmerman
P.O.Box 1262
Cortaro, AZ 85652

"Useful to space buffs and generalists, comprehensive but readable, Bob Zimmerman's Encyclopedia belongs front and center on everyone's bookshelf." -- Mike Collins, Apollo 11 astronaut


"The Chronological Encylopedia of Discoveries in Space is no passionless compendium of information. Robert Zimmerman's fact-filled reports, which cover virtually every spacecraft or probe to have ventured into the heavens, relate the scientific and technical adventure of space exploration enthusiastically and with authority." -- American Scientist

Just a note to explain the light posting yesterday and possibly today. I am reviewing the proof for the new ebook edition of my first book, Genesis: the Story of Apollo 8. Because the book is now out of print in both hardback and paperback, I want to have this new edition published and available for sale before the end of this month, which is why I must focus on getting that done quickly.



  • David K. Williams

    Good luck with this project.

  • David Hollick

    Seems like it wasn’t that long ago you were showing me the galley proofs of Genesis, now it’s out of print both hard and soft and going into e-book. Time has flown.

  • Hey Dave,

    Hope all is well in Pennsylvania. We really missed coming to the BEG picnic this year.

    Genesis stayed in print for more than fifteen years, which is pretty good for any book. However, I just reclaimed the paperback rights back from Random House, which put the paperback out of print. I wasn’t making any money from them, and the ebook edition will include a new foreword from Valerie Anders. Better to have the ebook available for all. Plus, it will have all the images from the hardback, which the paperback did not have.

  • wodun

    I’m not sure how many other people would find this entertaining but it would be cool to read some inside baseball about the process and challenges of converting a previously published text into an ebook.

  • The problem is that I don’t find this process entertaining, which is why I certainly am not going to subject my readers to it.

    Anyway, it is the book itself that matters, not the process that produced it.

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