Linux beats Windows and Apple for security

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Another reason I use Linux: A survey of computer security experts confirms that they generally consider Linux superior to either the Windows or Apple operating systems when it comes to security.

Obviously, if you are used to Windows or Apple, making the switch seems daunting. It isn’t, as I know from experience, having been a Linux user now for almost a dozen years. And if you want to try out Linux, all you really need is a spare laptop or desktop, one or two years old, that you aren’t using any more, and to then follow the instructions provided here on Behind the Black by reader James Stephens for Getting and Installing Linux:

Put a flavor of Linux on that old computer, and begin playing with it. Before long you will find that you don’t need Microsoft or Apple anymore.



  • Trey

    So does ecom station / OS2. Does not make it a viable competitor.

  • James Stephens

    Thank you Robert for re-posting. It’s been a couple of years and Linux is better then ever. When I have a little time I will email you about some exciting new distributions. In the meantime may I suggest these few.

    LinuxMint 18.3 for contemporary computers. Vary capable, Super easy to install and use.

    Mx Linux 17 32bit for older or smaller computers, or 64bit to run fast on newer computers.

    AntiX Linux 32 bit for really old computers. Can run on as little as 128Mb RAM.

  • David J Nudelman

    Linux Mint rocks

  • ken anthony

    Now ya got me looking at cheap Ryzen builds. I’d have to save up for a year.

  • ken anthony

    Well I ordered an old $200 Athlon to put Linux on. Now I realize I don’t have a monitor for it.

    I’m going to order my Ryzen (w/ APU) in small pieces over the next year.

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