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Local county now in full support of SpaceX land swap

According to a local Cameron county judge, who had previously expressed opposition, county officials including himself are now in full support of the proposed land swap, giving SpaceX 43 acres of Boca Chica State Park land in exchange for 477 acres at a national wildlife area about 10 miles away.

A special meeting of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission to vote on this land swap is now scheduled for March 5, 2024 in Austin, and it appears it is ready to approve. That meeting however should be entertaining, because it also appears that the small minority of leftist activists organizations in the area that oppose everything SpaceX is achieving are organizing carpools to attend the meeting. Expect them to perform the typical shennigans of the left, screaming and shouting and attempting to take over the venue to prevent the vote.

What these activists of course refuse to recognize, or simply don’t care, is that the change of opinion by local officials is because the local community and in fact the majority of Texans support what SpaceX is doing. It has revitalized the Brownsville area, bringing billions of new investment capital and tens of thousands of new jobs to the region. It has also demonstrated repeatedly it is being a good steward to the environment at Boca Chica, and will do much as a launch site to help preserve the coastal wildlife there, just as NASA has done at Cape Canaveral for three quarters of a century.

Genesis cover

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  • M Puckett

    I would love to see where the bulk of the funding comes from for these groups.

    And the majority of their members.

  • F

    Robert normally does a fine job writing these article, but when he mentioned the Left’s likely screaming and shouting, he forgot to mention crying, wheezing, burping, and farting.

    I guess nobody’s perfect . . .


  • John

    From the linked article, “More than 1,000 people have offered public comment on the deal. Only about 25% of those were in support.”

    I bet the 750 or so public comments against 400 for 40 acres were idocracy level comic gold. I can almost hear the shrieking dimwitted regurgitated NPC narratives. I’m literally shaking…at the lost opportunity.

  • Lee S

    I believe the protesters should be categorised as “the loony left”. These idiots are just that.

    As I have been saying here for years now, having a traditional left of center political viewpoint doesn’t make you a nutcase. The idiots that are opposing a beneficial land swap by SpaceX give those of us with a more left leaning viewpoint a bad name.

    I sincerely hope the swap goes smoothly, and SpaceX gets the remit to blow stuff up, improve, do it again, untill it works… Just like they have from the start. Elon is of questionable character, but he has changed the space game forever, let him do his thing and America can only benefit.. the fools protesting are actively trying to hold your country back.

    They are not my ( and most people’s ) left.

  • Lee S: I have edited your nickname from your email address to the nickname you have used here for years, for two reasons:

    1. To protect you. No reason to blast that personal information to the internet .

    2. To encourage good discussion. Others know you as Lee S. They need to see that moniker to communicate properly. I discourage people from changing that nickname randomly.

    I am sure this case was simply a mistake.

  • I know why Pseudodent Biden went to Brownsville, and not Eagle Pass, this past week.

    The “immigrant crisis” that really bothers him and his handlers is caused by a single – legal – immigrant next door to Brownsville, in Boca Chica.

  • Mike Borgelt

    “Elon is of questionable character”.
    Nice bit of mud throwing there, typical of the Left.
    To me, Elon seems pretty open about his beliefs and everything he does and unlike other multi billionaires does not seem to be evil.
    He leads from the front and doesn’t threaten government force to make you do what he wants.
    The Left no longer likes him because he’s been red pilled. Leftism is ignorance or a mental illness.

  • Lee S

    Thanks Bob…. I realised my mistake as soon as I posted… Appreciated you fixed it!

    @Mike Borgelt, you pick 5 words out of my generally positive post, and brand me ignorant or sick. I can assure you I am not ignorant, and any sickness I have is not related to my politics.

    I am generally pro Musk, I can only applaud how he has single handedly changed the launch industry, but if you take a bit of a deeper dive into his history, background and personal life, he doesn’t emerge as the new Messiah.

    This is not mud slinging, this is nothing to do with my left wing political viewpoint, it’s a simple fact. Do your own research then get back to me. ( And left leaning politics is not a sickness… As the other Bob Zimmerman said “don’t criticise what you don’t understand”

  • pzatchok

    No one cares about his personal life.

    He keeps it pretty quiet in fact, unlike others who flout theirs about as some type of example for the rest of the world to follow.

  • “And left leaning politics is not a sickness…”

    Left leaning politics is or can be an acceptable or even a tolerable perspective. After the rational people have fought the wars that provide that luxury that is. Left leaning is a modern-day luxury.

    BUT what tends to happen, and we are all wetness to it right now is that Left leaning must become radical Leftist extremism, and that is a mental illness. It is by nature authoritarian and must result in force.

    So, Lee S you can sort it out and you can split those hairs for yourself.

    There are no half measures in real Leftist movements.

    To my point:

  • Lee S: Now you tell me what these Liberal thinkers have turned into.

    Do you think these are mentally ill people?

    Are they your kind of people?

  • Jeff Wright

    Some differences:

    FDR progressives wanted folks in the Third World to live as well as Americans do.

    Greens want Americans to live like the Third World.

    True American Progressives think like this man:

    I have no use for either the John Kerry’s or the Mr. Wonderfuls of this world.

    Farmers have always known money men were no good.

    Problem is—like miners—farmers and other poor people have no party now. Republicans wanted to bust unions-and now Democrats want miners out of work too.

    Libertarians told folks “learn to code” before the DNC did…the Reagan amnesty came before Biden’s. And what did the GOP get out of that?

    Anna Navarro.

    How’s that working out?

  • Lee S

    Quote from Jeff Wright…

    “Problem is—like miners—farmers and other poor people have no party now”

    This is a problem in the US as well as the UK (amongst others ). In my lifetime the Right has drifted further right, and certain factions of the left have drifted off into woke cloud cuckoo land,(more so in the US … The current UK labour party, and next government is more “conservative light”) tarring all of us more moderate leftists with the same brush. This is exasperated by 2 party politics. Who is the working man to vote for? Over there or in the UK?

    While a million miles from perfect, the Swedish system of coalition government means people can vote for parties who represent their position on issues they care about. It creates a much more democratic process.

    ( And it’s easy to trawl YouTube or right wing news sites and cherry pick “proofs” to prove yourself correct. I could do the same to “prove” many on the Right are barmy, but well, I really can’t be bothered… I know I’m shouting into the abyss here, and any links would be ignored. It’s just good form to remind you guys from time to time that there are other viewpoints out there, and they can be held by rational folk)

  • ” I could do the same to “prove” many on the Right are barmy,”

    Please do, I look forward to the conversation.

    In my experience there are NO Liberals or even the more extreme among them that can substantiate any of what they propose that they believe. NONE.

    The conversation may last two statements, and then it is over.

    Liberal thought process and the resulting extreme radical Marxist Left justification that must result from it are as a rule juvenile and segmented in their thinking and justification for their positions.

    Like I have stated, Liberal thought process is the result of the luxury that is provided by those who think clearly and take care of business and provide that luxury of thought. Liberal thought process does not exist otherwise.

    That is my observation anyway. Disagree?

    Tell me all about it.

  • wayne

    Jeff —
    ref–“FDR Progressives,” and “True American Progressives,” –having problems with that thought!
    American variant Progressivism is just Fabian socialism transplanted from Britain, operating under the theory and practice of gradually and progressively instituting their socialist utopia, mainly under the guise of reform, regulation, ‘democracy,’ et al.

    Murray Rothbard on: Origins of the Progressive Movement

  • Lee S, you have inspired a SIGMA3iOC panel.

    “Liberal thought process and the resulting extreme radical Left thought process that must naturally result from it are as a rule segmented and disjointed in their thinking. They are much like an untethered balloon on a windy day and can be blown wherever the wind pleases.”

    “What does this mean if you refuse to recognize these truths about where the luxury of thought and freedom to think in the terms that you choose to think if you are a Liberal or even a Leftist? You will always be stuck in that disjointed, segmented, juvenile unjustifiable nonreality logic loop where what you propose stands upon quicksand and not upon solid bedrock. ”

  • Jeff Wright

    To Wayne,

    Those progressives of the past–they wanted our tax dollars sent to the Third World by the wheelbarrow of course –but their hearts at least were in the right place.

    The Greens and anti-natalists really look at at humans as a virus on the body of the planet like Nazis looked at groups as a virus in the body of the Volk.

    An FDR progressive with Elon Musk money would say “dig that up, cut that down, dredge this river, drain that swamp.”

    After everybody has running water and power due to dams…he goes home.

    Then the John Kerry Greens come in—and dynamite everything the first guy built right back down in the ground again.

    The Right is happy at no more tax dollars for infrastructure, and the John Kerry types are happy because poor=green.

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