Local Florida officials battle over $8 million grant to Blue Origin

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Local county officials in Florida are involved in a court fight over the decision by the county to borrow $8 million in order to pay a grant to Blue Origin for locating its factory there.

Brevard County commissioners narrowly approved a plan that would allow the county to borrow money to pay for an $8 million economic incentive to rocket manufacturer Blue Origin. The vote was 3-2, with Chair Rita Prichett and Commissioners Jim Barfield and Curt Smith supporting the proposal. Vice Chair Kristine Isnardi and Commissioner John Tobia voted against the plan.

Brevard County Clerk of Courts Scott Ellis told commissioners he plans to go to court to challenge the legality of the county borrowing money to pay for the grant to Blue Origin.

Isnardi is quoted in the article as saying “I don’t think it’s a great policy to give $8 million to a billionaire.” The opposition to this grant also questions the legality of borrowing money to pay it.



  • ken anthony

    “I don’t think it’s a great policy to give $8 million to a billionaire.”

    While I understand and agree with the sentiment to the point that I always look at alternatives to Amazon before making any purchase… his billions have absolutely nothing to do with deciding if the $8 million is well spent. The only consideration should be how it compares with spending that money in other ways.

  • Calvin G Dodge

    I love Blue Origin, but government shouldn’t be playing favorites with businesses. If they’re going to give Blue Origin a special deal, they should offer the same deal to every company.

  • ken anthony

    As Bill Whittle points out, govt. doesn’t raise taxes to pay for services. It pays for things so it can raise taxes. It shouldn’t offer deals to every company. It should simply lower taxes to encourage business investment.

    Govt. is the worst spender of money, in every case with just one exception: defense (and only during existential war. Wars that are not existential are the worst waist of money.)

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