Local Vermont voters dump mayor who pushed accepting refugees

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What a surprise! A town mayor in Vermont who had advocated accepting a hundred unvetted Middle East refugees has lost his re-election bid.

It appears this guy, who had been mayor for about a decade and had twice defeated his opponent in earlier elections, had pushed his plan without consulting anyone else in the government. In this election he got trounced.



  • Orion314

    May this be a political shockwave, heard around the country.

  • Dick Eagleson

    Definitely the feel-good story of the day.

  • D.K. Williams

    Vermonters don’t much like any outsiders.

  • PeterF

    This is an example of socialists “voting their conscience”… until they perceive that they are personally threatened.
    “A conservative is just a liberal that got mugged” – what bigots!

  • wayne

    D.K.– bull’s-eye.
    This town (Rutland, Vt) only has something like 16K in population and is 96% Caucasian.

  • Edward

    PeterF quoted: “A conservative is just a liberal that got mugged.

    I have heard that definition before, but I have yet to get mugged.

    Perhaps it is the other way around: a liberal is just a liberal who hasn’t yet been mugged. Except by government.

    However, liberals think that the government mugging us is OK, because government is there to assuage “liberal guilt” over living better than those who don’t work, using the method of redistributing the wealth. Liberals agree with this, because either they feel guilty for having the wealth (which they could better redistribute themselves, as conservatives do), or they are the ones receiving the wealth for no effort in return.

    In college, it surprised me that the richer students tended to be the most liberal ones, but the ones who were working their way through college tended to be the more conservative ones. Before college, I had thought that the rich were the conservatives, but it turned out that the liberals tended to be those whose college education was paid for by someone else, including the children of those who earned their own prosperity — and were now sharing that prosperity with their children.

    I still believe that those of us who earned our own educations cherish it more than those who did not.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

    Anyone ever watch this quasi-reality series when it was on?
    Down East Dickering: Who Are Flatlanders?

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