Lockheed Martin ready to build Orion?

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O joy! After more than a decade of design work, costing billions, Lockheed Martin now says it is ready to begin building the first Orion capsule for eventual launch only 8 years from now!

“The vast majority of Orion’s design is over, and now we will only change things when new requirements come into play,” said Michael Hawes, Lockheed Martin Orion vice president and program manager. “Considering the incredible complexity of this spacecraft, the team is very proud to have successfully completed the design review and is looking forward to seeing it fly.”

For those who don’t detect my sarcasm, I find this project more than absurd. Bush proposed Orion in 2004. Lockheed has been spending billions for years just designing it. In about six to eight years from now they might finally get one capsule completed for launch in 2023, almost two decades after it was first proposed.

Two decades to build one capsule! With a cost in the billions. Let these facts sink in for a bit and then ask yourself: Why are we spending money on this pork project that will never fly?



  • S Cooper

    Is an Orion capsule more complicated than say an Apollo capsule? It;s a bit larger but not much different in capabilities. Fifty years of advancements and experience should make the design easier not more complicated.

  • S Cooper

    By the way, I REALLY hate the nCaptcha program you are using.

  • D.K. Williams

    Give the Israelis a billion dollars, and they would have Orion built AND flying by now.

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