Lois Lerner intentionally sought to hide her emails from Congress

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A newly released 2013 email from Lois Lerner reveals that she made a conscience effort to hide what she was doing from Congressional investigators.

Realizing that her emails at that time were being saved in some manner (this is long after her computer crash that supposedly destroyed her correspondence from 2011), she writes “we need to be cautious about what we say in emails”.

Really? Is that what an honest government worker does? I don’t think so.

Update: This good analysis of these new revelations notes that her email comment above was made only about six weeks before she took the fifth in House hearings. How interesting.



  • Orion314

    On a happier note, New Orleans ex-mayor ray naglin just got 10 yrs in prison for his crimes. Hope this is a hot trend to start locking up our fine “Public Servants” by the boatload….

  • Cotour

    The emails indicate that she is not an innocent bureaucrat as I am sure she wants and needs to be portrayed, she is a political operative executing what I have to assume her superiors have instructed. The evidence needs to be solidly developed and she and who ever else actively participated with her needs to be put in jail for an appropriate amount of time. Don’t want to take one for the team? Then please feel free to divulge everything you have and know on the subject, serve up the architects and receive a deal.

    The left is a sick bunch of not even un American individuals they are actually anti American, as is demonstrated by the man in the White House and the people that he has populated it with and the actions they are taking. And keep in mind that he has been elected twice so from his point of view he legitimately believes that he should be doing what he is doing. He told the people who voted for him what he wanted to do and he is doing it. You can not fault him on that, that is the one thing that he plainly stated, he intended to “fundamentally change America”, among other disturbing statements and actions, and so he is.

    We are going to have to suck it up, stop it out and wait it out because he knows that he is golden as far as being impeached goes. The Republicans plan to sue him is a reasonable facsimile to impeachment and is as far as they will go for fear of appearing to discriminate against the differently colored president.

    What a bunch of weak assed BS. I understand the strategy, but it is what it is, sad.

  • Garry

    If I’m not mistaken, she pled the fifth this year, not in 2013, making it one year and 6 weeks later rather than 6 weeks later.

  • No, your memory is wrong. She took the fifth on May 22, 2013, not in 2014.

    That means she took the fifth only six weeks after researching the archiving of her emails and admitting that she had to be careful what she wrote in emails.

  • DK Williams

    At some point someone will crack and a flood of corrupt acts perpetrated by this Regime will be exposed.

  • Cotour

    That may come but its unlikely its within this administration. Whats more likely to happen is that the whole thing is stonewalled right into the next administration and if next its a Democrat administration it will continue. This is a political agenda fulfilling criminal offence that is masquerading as a political event.

  • Garry

    My bad, it seems like it’s much more recent that May 2013. It boggles the mind that the Republican establishment has been dragging their feet for this long.

  • Well, maybe the Repubicans are dragging their feet, but I am not so sure. If anything, the delays have made the timing work to their advantage as we get closer to the November elections.

    This whole scandal illustrates, as did Watergate, the utter stupidity of all politicians and the ilk that work for them. Obama and his crowd at the IRS should have known that using the IRS to target conservatives was going to be politically deadly if exposed, and they should have known that there was no way to prevent it from becoming exposed. The Republicans meanwhile have not shown much brains when it comes to exposing this scandal. They often seem lost on what to do next.

  • Pzatchok

    The president will just pardon everyone for everything as he walks out the door.

    The pardon blanket will try to cover everything it can and more than likely will.

    Sorry to be a wet blanket on this party but unless the democrats actually start to get MSM pressure on this they will just hold out until he leaves.

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