Los Angeles leftist groups call for “violence against the enemies of the people.”

Pioneer cover

From the press release: From the moment he is handed a possibility of making the first alien contact, Saunders Maxwell decides he will do it, even if doing so takes him through hell and back.

Unfortunately, that is exactly where that journey takes him.

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He also captures in Pioneer the heart of the human spirit, willing to push forward no matter the odds, no matter the cost. It is that spirit that will make the exploration of the heavens possible, forever, into the never-ending future.

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They’re coming for you next: Los Angeles antifa leftist groups are now publicly calling for “violence against the enemies of the people” including “militant escalations [in the] defense of their undocumented working-class immigrant communities by any means necessary.”

The article describes a recent demonstration by these groups, describing how they threatened the police as well as innocent bystanders who happened to pass by.

Note also where the loyalties of these fascists lie. They scream support only for illegal immigrants, and are hostile to all Americans, both legal immigrants and native born. This illustrates that they real interest is the destruction of the United States and the idea of freedom for which it stands, not the illegal immigrants they are using as a pawn in this campaign.

If you live in California be aware that you likely no longer have the freedoms of an American. These jackbooted thugs, masked like the KKK, will soon be coming after you if you dare dissent from their agenda. And the Democratic Party government in charge there will likely allow them to get away with whatever violence they do.


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  • hondo

    Angry Blue Smurfs
    Seems there is some confusion as to what violence actually is on both sides.
    Oh well – violence begets violence – and tends to escalate.

  • Cotour

    “violence against the enemies of the people”

    Maybe they will come to their senses and assault themselves, do violence against themselves? These Leftists “Revolutionaries” are transmitting who the true enemies of the people are.

    Clearly if the people who organize and manipulate and pay these actors ever get to the point when they really set it of and do the violence that they clearly are promoting that someone in some municipality somewhere is going to have to take care of business in real, not “Blue Smurf”, terms.

    When and where and who might that be?

  • D Ray

    Where is the FBI???

  • pzatchok

    Communism and collective Socialism seems to always be brought to the people by “revolutionaries” promising everything to the people.

    Using violence to suppress any opposition.

    Their big weapon is organization. They have a thousand small groups under a thousand different names all doing the very same thing. They use them now to come together and create large groups to impress the press and thus to look larger to the populous by making the news.

    Just wait for the day they all unite under one banner and put on one identifying marker(like a brown shirt) and start to actively call out their enemies and move them someplace.

    Kristallnacht is coming. Are you ready willing and able to defend yourself?
    Do you have a group you can lend help to and in turn get help from?
    Are you organized nationally? Word of the first days of the purge might not get covered by the national news.

  • pzatchok

    They will know your political view point by your online activity, if not by “friends” pointing you out to save themselves.
    Make sure you have real and good friends.

  • @D Ray: That’s a darn good question. Given the revelations concerning the politically ‘weaponized’ FBI the last several years, and recent events, I think we’re getting a good idea of just how corrupted the FBI is. Any organization of sufficient size will start to work for itself to the exclusion of other considerations, and we passed that point with government at all levels a long time ago.

    @Cotour: Concur. If these jackanapes were sincere, there should be mass suicides in every major city in the West. It’s a measure of their delusion that despite having seen this movie many times, they still believe it will somehow turn out differently for them. This time. Unfortunately for the rest of us, it’s going to be the same no matter what the perpetrators ‘feel’.

  • Cotour


    I can not find a clean clip of this Ocassio Cortez “Community speaking event” so I post this one, and yes, its from Fox.


    This is the future of the Democrat party? Ocassio Cortez panders to the only Americans who will unconditionally just listen to her childish political musings, children. If this young woman becomes empowered in the coming election then it looks like it will be her and people like her who will in time be using actual NAZI tactics in enforcing their vision of what America is to become. Looks likely.

    Trump a NAZI? Trump a Fascist? Brown shirts? Brown shirts, thats where the NAZI’s started their recruitment, the children. Trump is just enjoying his free speech and has not attempted to ban or eliminate anyone’s free speech or anything else. But these young Democrats who can only speak to children in order to be taken seriously are certainly the ones who threaten actual NAZI like laws and mandates.

    Are Democrats really going to lower themselves to this childish level? Well, we are talking about the people of the Bronx and Queens, so we all wait and see. I still say that its likely that Crowley, who is still on the ballot may well prevail.

    And once again I remind you that I fully support Ocassio Cortez 200% in her representing and being the spokes person for the Democrat party. She is so honest and pure and communicates the idealistic insanity that most other Democrat politicians have learned so well to eternally lie about in order to not be seen for what they are, the usurpers of the peoples freedoms and confiscators and redistributors of their wealth. Keep going Alexandria!

  • Cotour

    The clear to see and now manifesting media narrative bias and desperation to some how regain their political party’s power as it slips further and further away.


    A clear indicator that what the American main stream media is executing over the air waves, cables and light pipes in all forms of media is having an effect on some of the public to the point where they feel they are existentially threatened by not their politically empowered politicos and they are willing to do harm or damage to stop it.

    IMO we can view the American MSM as a kind of mass hypnosis operation that is actively pushing these buttons with no sense of public safety or objective truth, its all about who gets to wield the political power in America, truth be damned! S.O.M. to the max.

    Chuck Todd just the other day said that its time for the media to take action against the Trumpians. That “sleepy eyed bastard” needs to be fired for inciting such actions. But will not be.

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