Luxembourg offers prizes for new space business proposals

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Capitalism in space: Luxembourg yesterday announced that it will award two prizes, worth a total of 430,000 Euros, for new innovative space business ideas.

The call for submissions covers the full chain for exploiting space resources, from searching for minerals, mining and selling the processed product.The proposals should include a long-term view for developing space resources and be able to generate an economic return in the short and medium term.

The first award is a €400,000 prize to support a study under the Luxembourg national space program managed by the ESA. The second, for €30,000, is for early-stage projects and offers an investing campaign on

The ministry will support both award winners by offering workspace for the companies.

It sounds like they will entertain practically any ideas put forth. The deadline to submit is September 8, with the award announcement made in November.



  • LocalFluff

    I’m a bit suspicious of these lëtzebuerger.
    They are a bunch of farmers who take very well care of themselves by getting alot of EU investments, simply for geographical logistical reasons. Because lazy bureaucrats gravitate there for practical logistic purposes.

    Entering the city you pass a parking lot, some banking high rises, the shopping street, the high rises where the EU translators work. And a great new concert hall and a swimming stadium. All the billions of the EU is flowing into them, these farmers who rarely even visit their city, where low paid French guest workers populate the shops.

    Those farmers certainly know how to suck money out of others. I don’t know that will reach them to space. Their innovations are more social than technical, AFAIK.

  • Edward

    Perhaps Luxembourg has a lot of agriculture, but it is also home of one of the largest commercial communications satellite companies: SES. Luxembourg may be small, but they have large aspirations for doing business in space and the experience to do it. Despite their lack of launch capability, it looks to me that Luxembourg will quickly become one of the leaders in the space industry.

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