Make Trump go away with software!

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The coming dark age: Want to be hip, cool, and with it? Then what you need is the Trump filter, a Chrome extension that will block any access to any website that mentions Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Dubbed as the “Trump Filter,” the Google Chrome extension will filter all Trump-related articles while users surf the Internet. The extension is described as “part of the antidote for this toxic candidacy.” The extension will identify parts of a web page that contain Donald Trump and remove them from the Internet, according to the creator’s description on his Trump Filter website.

In another more enlightened age, this would have instead been called “putting one’s head in the sand” to avoid dealing with reality. Donald Trump is not my first or second choice for president, but he is leading the polls and could very well win. To make believe he doesn’t exist is the height of close-minded foolishness.



  • Cotour

    That goes far beyond just “putting ones head in the sand”, its a media giant attempting to shape the public’s opinion and creating a political result by NOT informing them. (Your lack of outrage surprises me.)

  • schwit

    Adding -trump to the end of your google search string is too difficult?

  • Cotour


    Aren’t you missing the point?

    Sure you can go to extra lengths to get the info but Google is going out of its way to make sure what should be equally available because it is at the top of the news to go away. And that subject just happens to be the leading Republican candidate. You don’t find a problem with that?

  • It sounds like you think that Google has created this extension. They have not. It is created by an independent software writer and is merely designed to work with Google.

  • I repeat: Google has nothing to do with the creation of this ap. You should read the article I linked to before commenting.

  • mpthompson

    This reminds me of the quote attributed to Pauline Kael, a reviewer for The New Yorker, who is quoted as saying “How could Nixon have won? Nobody I know voted for him”; referring to George McGovern’s loss to Richard Nixon.

  • Rocco

    This is a self applied application a person must download and install on Chrome to block any Trump news. If a person wants to block Trump do what I do…stop reading crap about Hillary or Obama…don’t waste time with a downloaded extensions or apps.

  • Wodun

    For now, it is just an app you download but FB already filters what you see and google has talked about adjusting search results. Twitter is also getting in on the game through troll blocking. I don’t trust these tech companies and I don’t trust the government to regulate them rather than work with them.

  • Steve

    This is just the start of this sort of thing. I can imagine a day very soon when you will be able to completely insulate yourself from any “offensive” speech or ideas no matter what the venue or media type. And anyone who attempts to pierce your bubble and present an opposing opinion will not only be deemed offensive and hateful, but will actually be prosecuted for “trespassing” on your “safe space”…..

  • pzatchok

    Always know your enemy.

    To actively work at never knowing your enemy only ensures that you will lose in the end.

    Please ensure that all our enemies use this extension. In fact look for a way they can modify it to block out everything they do not like.

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