Making excuses for moden Islamic slavery

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The bankrupt academic community: In this op-ed, Islamic expert Robert Spencer describes a typical example of a different Harvard professor finding excuses for recent examples of slavery in Islamic countries, including somehow equating the slavery we abolished 150 years ago with slavery that Islamists are proudly doing now.

As Spencer notes, this type of blindness to evil is not unique to our modern leftwing academic community. You would almost think they actually support Islamic slavery. Or maybe they hate western civilization and its concepts of freedom and personal responsibility so much they are willing to support any evil that opposes it. Either way, they have become a sort of fifth column within the U.S., doing whatever they can to weaken out ability to fight this evil.

Posted on the road north to Prescott, Arizona.

Update: The post has been rewritten slightly to make it clearer that Robert Spencer is not the Harvard professor making excuses for Islam, but someone who is observing the blindness. I have also corrected my misspelling of Spencer’s name. I was typing in a car, on a tiny tablet. Hat tip Ted.



  • hondo

    They are not blind nor stupid. In fact, many are very intelligent. Like this professor, they are simply telegraphing that their personal political agenda takes precedent over everything else.

    To them, ISIS is not a personal threat. A few years back, someone in DOJ or DHS wrote a memo (accidently released, then claimed taken out of context)
    that one of the real top threats are veterans and the military retired community (I am retired Army).

    I do not dismiss people like this as naïve or foolish. Some of them actually remind me of Pavel from Dr Zhivago – little monsters yearning to be hatched to eagerly carry out their social justice desires.

  • tps


    As you know, big fan of your site and radio interviews with John Batchelor. Never miss them.

    I would suggest one minor thing (other than Spencer has a “c”, which was obviously just a typo). The first sentence could be read to mean that Spencer is the Islamic expert at Harvard finding excuses for recent examples, and that the op-ed he wrote is the problem, rather than he is pointing out the hypocrisy and danger of naives like this Harvard fool.

    Spencer’s daily email update is required reading.


  • Thank you. Post revised and fixed.

  • Edward


    It was not just any someone; DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano stood by the report that declared veterans as security threats.

    Napolitano is now the president of the University of California, home of the Free Speech Movement, during which the students fought for the right to say whatever they want without interference or permission of the university administration. This is the same Janet Napolitano who, earlier this year, declared that certain phrases (which seem to disagree with the Obama administration’s policies) are no longer welcome at the university’s campuses.

    As far as I know, the administration’s policy continues to be that veterans, conservatives, Christians, and other right wingers (labeled as “extremists,” apparently for disagreeing with the administration’s policies) are considered American security threats.

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