Man Who Refused To Hand Over Arrest Video Acquitted

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A man who correctly refused to hand over his video of an arrest and then was arrested himself for his refusal has been acquitted of all charges.

And I say fire the cops who did this, as they very clearly do not understand the law they are supposed to uphold, and then abuse the power that they have been given.


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  • JGL

    The nature of man is to abuse power, the founders understood this nature first hand.

    Our Constitution recognizes that nature and provides the mechanisms to counter act that nature.

    Any officer of the court who chooses to do what is “natural” needs to be corrected, and or retrained, and or fired, and or sued, and if

    severe enough incarcerated.

    This is and must remain one of the base tenents of our civilization.

    Lose it and we are all lost.

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