Mandatory Suicide

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Mandatory Suicide.

Be sure to watch the video: Americans signing a petition supporting the idea of putting old people to “sleep to keep costs down.”



  • Joe

    H.G. Wells said that once every five years a citizen should show up at a board hearing and justify themselves, paraphrased from an open conspiracy, this kind of thought is very dangerous to an open and free society, H G Welles was a socialist member and he would be proud!

  • Pzatchok

    The guy wasn’t even selling it well.

    He didn’t even try to hide the intent of the petition in fancy words or catch phrases.
    The people just signed it without even caring what it was about.

    Some even agreed that they couldn’t let them defund the health care act. I think the one guy was willing to help get a few more signatures for them.

    That just proves that all you have to do is say that your doing something against the Republicans and you will find enough idiots to sign it without ever reading it.
    They would sign a petition allowing the hunting of California condors if you told them the Republicans were fighting it.

  • R. Cotour

    Is this an example of random and “insignificant / invisible” people (meaning that they are just one of the many) attempting to participate in the media narrative, ala Kim Kardashian?

    If there is something that you can participate in, no matter what it is, even if you do not understand it in the least, you will participate because you were asked and you are as important as anyone else and now you can prove it, you have been asked by someone with a clip board. And the clip board gives that person asking the question a higher status, authority and validity so therefore you are participating in media and you are important.

    Or, they are all bat shit crazy, pre suicidal and as dumb as a bag of oranges.

    It would be interesting for that guy to follow up with those people in a different setting and really dig into their motivations for signing such a document. Another example of people living within their own reality models, within a larger reality models. Whom ever controls or can project those models can in general pull strings. Politicians, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC, FOX, TV, Radio, The Internet, News Papers, Democrats, Republicans, we all want our reality model to be the one that others connect to and validate. Democracy is about numbers of people getting on the same page and controlling the power that accompanies those numbers. Something Marx and Engles among many others understood well

    A simple social experiment with very large implications.

  • Kelly Starks

    Not H.G. Wells, I think it was G. B. Shaw? Remember seeing him propose it on film.

  • Kelly Starks

    States with Euthanasia programs found a lot of cases where healthy old people were being pushed by folks to “not be a bother” and sign up for the euthanasia. It was creeping out even the advocates for death with dignity etc.
    Given Obama and folks who crafted the plan were pretty open about curtailing treatments that “aren’t really going to help folks”, or even not spending as much no folks who didn’t contribute as much to society, so this petition isn’t a real stretch.

  • Kelly Starks

    Pretty common. Folks have gotten lots of signatures to
    – Ban di hydro oxide (H2O) contaminiation of the environment.
    – preventing doctors from niterfearnig with the natural life cycle of viruses adn deseases
    – outlaw fire prevention activities near forrests vulnerable to forrest fires to protect lives adn property (folks should accept the risks or move out).

    Then of course you get hard core folks who really do think large scale mandatory ethinasia is a good thnig.


  • Edward

    I was amazed at the advanced age of some of those who supported mandatory suicide for seniors. They looked to be approaching retirement age, but they didn’t ask the age of those who would be euthanized. Maybe they thought “senior” was different than the usual age used for senior discounts.

    This reminds me of the 1970s movie “Logan’s Run,” in which everyone was executed at age 30.

    Of course, not everyone is willing to blindly sign just any petition. College students were not willing to redistribute grade point averages as readily as they were willing to redistribute incomes.

    Maybe it all has to do with the immediacy of the consequences. For instance, GPAs would likely be redistributed now, but those students wouldn’t have their incomes redistributed for a couple of years or decades. Perhaps those signing the euthanasia petition thought that they, too, wouldn’t be affected for a couple of decades or so.

    Of course, the consequences would be a little more severe than mere lost money or grade points, so I don’t think there was much consideration for the severity of the consequences.

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