March 16, 2017 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

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Embedded below the fold. John wanted to start by talking about the non-story of Budweiser looking at the technical difficulties of brewing beer on Mars. After that, we then spent the bulk of the segment talking about Trump’s budget proposals.



  • LocalFluff

    Why has NASA spent money on education, while the department for Education hasn’t spent any money on space flight? If each government agency yearly spent $100+ million on space flight, that would be great! Will Obamacare be transformed into health care satellites? Or are government departments mixing up their duties? I fanatically support all kinds of space flight. I’d support North Korean space flight if that was the only game. Our political quarrels mean nothing in a billion year time perspective, and that is the perspective that space flight is dealing with. No one has done this since billions of years if ever. So let’s do it! If it hurts someones’ feelings, well, learn to live with it.

    NASA’s science director, now resigned, in the interview linked to below, just talks about gender equality. Not about science. It is obvious that NASA is almost totally politicized and has no focus on doing any science or exploration. She has to have been fucked the wrong way or something in order to be so fanatically gender obsessed and confused that she wasn’t able to do her job. Or paid by toilett politicians to deliberately sabotage NASA science. She is interviewd by the lying communist Bill Nye’s climate doomsday propaganda hate group organization called “The Planetary Society”.

  • Laurie

    These folks can give Budweiser some tips on how to brew on Mars:

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