Mars One only had about 4,000 applicants, not 200,000

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In the heat of competition: The private Mars One project that claims it will fly people to Mars on a one-way trip, got only 4,227 applications, not 200,000 as they originally reported.

The link does a good job outlining the many questions and problems this project has, which I have always believed was nothing more than a publicity stunt that will go nowhere.


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  • ken anthony

    There’s a difference between applicants and completed applications. You can have both 200,000 applicants and 4,000 completed applications.

    A reality show is a proven money maker, but only at about 25% of the expectation that Mars One put out there. What does this mean? First, they already have millions of dollars to promote the idea. So getting 25% funding is reasonable expectation. With that money they could certainly continue to move forward even if slower than the schedule they’ve publicized. Even if they never get to the point of sending colonists they can make it easier for others to follow the groundwork they could lay.

    They could get landers tested. They could presupply a site. They could process regolith to have water stored in tanks. They do not have to fully succeed and still get us closer to the day when we do send colonists.

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