Massachusetts college bans American flag

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Madness: Hampshire College in Massachusetts has decided to ban the flying of all flags, including the United States flag, in order to avoid offending anyone.

Their problems began when they lowered their American flags to half mast to protest the election results. Then they let someone remove a flag and burn it. Faced with a storm of criticism they have decided to punt, which I think will do them even more harm. I would not be surprised it alumni donations dry up, as well as student applications.



  • Chris R

    How does anyone think this is acceptable, and also a good idea? I can understand why an outsider wouldn’t flinch at this. But like Newton’s laws, it is an undeniable law that it is downright unacceptable to refuse to fly American flags, anywhere in the United States of America, in the year 2016. For all American citizens, there is absolutely no excuse in the world that you could pull from your rear end to rationalize this.

  • Chris L

    They don’t want to offend anyone except those who love the flag and the ideas the nation it represents stand for. Again they wonder how Trump (who I didn’t vote for) won.

  • NM Bill

    Let’s see how quickly they change their tune when the funds dry up.

    In 3….2….1

  • Cotour

    Low standards and no foundational belief system results in floundering chaos and no standards.

    This is a symptom of weak leadership that operates in fear and without a compass.

    A vial and un American condition.

  • Edward

    Cotour, I think you have it summed up nicely.

  • Cotour

    I really fail to understand how these people justify their leadership positions in these institutions of higher learning, at some point they must face their actions and understand what phonies and just how weak they are.

    What exactly are they teaching? It does not get any more shameful IMO.

  • Insomnius

    From the article…”This comes after the school received harsh criticism from veterans and community members over the flag that was burnt.
    “It is a disrespect. That shouldn’t have happened in the first place.””

    Neither should the rigging of elections! Isn’t that more unAmerican?!

  • wayne

    Tucker Carlson vs. Liberal student who wanted American flag removed from campus

    >He wants to be a History teacher.

  • wayne

    Yeah, we are doomed!
    >He wants to teach American History.

  • wayne

    Cotour– Yes. I’d be remiss if I didn’t add –nicely stated.

    What is truly scary about this kid— for his age, he dissembles & babbles pretty well. I bet he’s the Professor’s-Pet-Apple-Polisher at that phony-baloney college.

    I don’t know what is worse; him teaching History in a public school to unsuspecting children, or getting tenure somewhere & teaching other young teacher’s.

  • Insomnious

    I’m betting that if Hitlery won, he would have no problem with the American flag.

  • Cotour

    A friend sent me a letter written by her 13 year old daughter who attends a NYC school. The subject matter? “Thank you Mr. Trump for not arresting Hillary” and…………..she recognizes the unfairness of her “white privilege”.

    (My response was to point out that I would be challenging her daughter in the future regarding her immersion in the NYC education indoctrination system)

    This enrages me, this is what is being poured into the minds of the children of America by the Liberal Left who now control the education system.

  • Edward

    Cotour wrote: “she recognizes the unfairness of her ‘white privilege’.
    Of course her “white privilege” is unfair.

    It is her privilege, in America, to be chosen last by colleges and by employers, thanks to the “fairness” of Affirmative Action. It is her privilege to have her life not matter (try suggesting otherwise), thanks to groups like Only Black Lives Matter. It is her privilege to work harder and pay more taxes so that others (many or most of whom are undeserving) can get free stuff from the government — the government that those others now depend upon (like a parent) rather than being independent. It is her privilege to be blamed for the failures of others, those who don’t succeed despite the advantage of the institutionalized advantages and privileges that come with not being white or that come with being in America illegally.

    It is her privilege to be blamed for the evils of others who are not related to her, such as the pro-slavery policies of King George III. It is her privilege to be blamed for the colonialism policies of 19th century Europe.

    Oh, yes. That “white privilege” is something to be overcome, not to lord over others, as the Clintons do with their privilege that comes with being powerful, in today’s America. (Is Hillary Clinton still as privileged, now that she once again does not get “her turn” at being president?)

    Or perhaps that 13-year old has a different point of view on the topic.

    Speaking of points of view, that was an interesting video. The kid*, Daniel Vogel, was unable to answer the first simple question, even after being asked in several different ways. Then he claims that “the politics in this country are divided by class.” Taken in context, the statement necessarily means that he thinks that the liberals are the rich oppressors and the conservatives are the oppressed poor that his politics are supposed to help.

    Yet the kid seems to believe that it is the oppressed who are — or were — the wealthy ones. He truly believes that he and his parents are wealthy not due to his parents’ productivity but due to theft from those who were previously wealthy. Sometimes many, many generations in the past.

    Unable to defend his own actions, the ones that he says are oppressive, he changes the topic from his using what he considers to be blood money, rather than working with the oppressed, to why he thinks it is a good idea to remove the flag from campus. Unfortunately, the self-proclaimed privileged college kid was not articulate enough to explain why it is a good idea.

    Diversity seems to have changed. Back in the early days of diversity, we were told that it was to be celebrated because it brought other viewpoints to the discussion. Today, the kid says “diversity is a different word when you’re applying it to political standpoints vs. different aspects.” He thinks that he merely has to go to another liberal college in order to expose himself to different viewpoints.

    Wow. What an impressive range of viewpoints he is willing to listen to, all of them liberal. To him, the purpose of a university is to “figure out what is the most liberal, what is the most social justice.”

    You send them to school and you buy them their books, but what do they learn?

    Somehow, I was under the impression that the purpose of a university was to prepare people for advanced positions — leadership positions — in the workplace. Once again, the millennials have impressed me, but not in the way they wanted.

    * I used to call college students “students” even though my fellow alumni were calling them “kids.” I had recognized that they were quite grown up, especially since I mostly dealt with students who were very successfully running their own company. These days, I think that most college students are not as grown up as during my time. After all, previous generations never needed safe spaces or emotional support animals whenever the Democrat didn’t get elected president. And I don’t remember any riots over Reagan’s election to president, either.

    Don’t get me wrong, there was still angst, fear, and freaking out, thinking that someone only as far left as a fascist had been elected, but no one rioted, and schools didn’t need to offer emotional support animals. In pre-Obama America, the left was more adult than it is today.

  • Insomnious

    You make alot of good points Edward! But the presupposition that…Yes, Hillary broke the law…and “white privilege” vs. “white privilege”….is what got me!
    I would have asked her…”Did Hillary’s “white privilege” trump Trump’s?”

  • Cotour

    A female, white Liberal, especially the failed defacto leader of the Democrat party can not be subject to “white privilege”, she does not and can not suffer from the condition. And Hilary’s “breaking” of any law is considered necessary and is not to be seen or prosecuted.

    Just like Justice Thomas is not really black, nor is Condelesa Rice.

  • Cotour

    I did not mean to imply that this condition was gender specific, its not, its an ideological condition. Believe and you are free to impose your position and will on all.

    As an aside, the fact that Hillary Clinton will never become the president of the United States is the main take a way from all of these conversations. That statement IS gender specific and party specific. Even if the nukes fly on Jan. 21st our country and our world will be a better place because she and her party and what they dared to assume to shove further down the American peoples throats was thwarted and it is how things should be.

    No matter what, I am in an increasingly optimistic mood.

  • wayne

    We are depending on NY, to never elect Chelsea, to anything!

    In other News:
    Castro is dead. Obama weeps.

  • wayne

    The only good commie dictator, is a dead commie dictator.

    (Ceaușescu & his Pig of a wife.)

  • Cotour

    I can not guarantee anything about Chelsea and what the 80 percent Democrats in NYC might decide to do, I and my positions are the minority here. If she does run she will run in a district where she would be a shoe in.

    Thats what we need, a know nothing, do nothing, intellectually challenged, rich, spoiled brat that will be continuing her “parents” (I do not believe that Bill is her father) crime family activities. I suspect that at some point the Clintons will be forced to admit some level of culpability in their manipulations in order to reconcile their legal responsibility in the many deals, lies, security breaches and deceits that they have plainly been involved in. How ever this transpires it should involve Chelsea. Trump must somehow force this eventuality.

    And yes, I agree, I expect some strong words of praise for Castro today from our own Communist leader today. I would guess about 3:00 o’clock? Obama’s words will have the dual meanings that all well trained subversives are trained to use. Bet on it.

  • Insomnius

    Cotour:”I did not mean to imply that this condition was gender specific, its not, its an ideological condition.”

    I was being sarcastic about the way 3rd wave feminism and SJW’s respond to criticism of any kind. They can’t take constructive criticism of any kind, they always view it as being destructive.

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