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Massachusetts has passed a law that places the state in control of every doctor and everything they do.

Coming soon to a country near you! In order to control the out-of-control costs of RomneyCare, Massachusetts has just passed a law that places the state in control of every doctor and everything they do in the practice of medicine.

It’s worse than you think:

Under the new law, all Massachusetts doctors, hospitals, and other providers must register with a new state bureaucracy as a condition of licensure. Yes, if you are any kind of health care provider in Massachusetts, you now belong to the state- that is, if you want to actually earn a living in your field. The new “state bureaucracy,” not unlike the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) in ObamaCare, will have a lot to say about what providers do each day as it tracks and reports their financial performance, price and cost patterns, state-sanctioned quality measures, market share, and other statistics. …

According to the new law, no registered provider is permitted to make “any material change to its operations or governance structure,” without the commission’s approval. In addition, the commission has the authority to rewrite the terms of provider contracts with insurers as well as payment levels and methods if they are “deemed to be excessive,” to police providers who exceed benchmarks, and demand “performance improvement plans” of those providers found to be spending too much money on patient care. Providers who consistently spend above the authorized amount on patient care can be fined $500,000 for disobeying the rules of the commission, an amount that the uber-liberals of the state believe to be a mere pittance of a penalty. [emphasis mine]

Want to bet there will soon be a shortage of doctors in Massachusetts? Expect an exodus. And if Obamacare isn’t repealed expect the same kind of imposing regulation to happen to the rest of the country, resulting in a similar exodus of doctors from the field.

Also, the language I have emphasized above illustrates how much of a communist state Massachusetts has become when it comes to the practice of medicine. No contract between anyone in that field is valid. No matter what you and your doctor or insurer agree to, the state bureaucracy can come in and change it, unilaterally, at its whim. Hail comrade!

Romney himself has always argued that RomneyCare was a good thing to do, and constitutionally legal. On the latter point he is correct. A state has always had the right to pass such a law, under our federal system of government. And for the moment, the Supreme Court has even said that the federal government can do the same, though I personally believe the Roberts decision will not survive later challenges.

However, on the former point Romney has always been dead wrong. RomneyCare, like any other government-run regulatory scheme designed to save the world, simply cannot work, as it ignores the reality of economics and the marketplace. Whether Romney will eventually realize this is probably going to depend more on how the voters vote in November than anything else. A landslide victory, with many tea party conservatives entering Congress, will help focus his mind in the correct direction.

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  • If Dear Leader gets reelected, I fully expect DHHS to promulgate regulations that will, in effect, accompliish what the People’s Republic of Massachusetts has done.

  • jwing

    State control of your life and the abrogation of your personal lliberty to control your healthcare…all in the name of fairness, hope and change. Lenin is kicking himself for not thinking of it.

  • Dale Martin

    Massachusetts is the East Coast home of those suffering from the irrisistable urge to “Set the other fellow straight” or whatever this disease is. May God deliver us from such creatures!! Menken was right, the “Chief feature of the US is Puritanism”…and not just religious, these people think that they know best, and they have some kind of pathology that requires them to force their views on everyone else….I wonder why they want to make ordinary beings unhappy and miserable? Do they want to share their own suffering??

    Dale in AL

  • As of 2010, Massachusetts had 416 physicians per 100,000 people ( I’m going to write a note to myself to see how that changes next year. Isn’t one of the selling points of state-run health care lower costs?

    RomneyCare: putting the ‘Massa’ in Massachusetts.

  • what an awesome choice of leaders america has in this election , seems like some kind of set up

  • JGL

    They (the liberals, socialists, communists how ever you want to define them) are willing to trade the appearance of “control” over an industry

    for incentive.

    A person becomes a doctor for many reasons, one of them is monitary reward and the freedom to do with that reward what they please.

    This is so backwards and short term that it amazes me, a total misunderstanding, no make that an attitude and willfull desire to control people

    that it must and will destroy our country if it is allowed to continue.

    So, therefore the American people must rise to the occasion and end this “dream from my father” .

    If this is not stopped out in this election then the inmates will be in control of the asylum and the word Constitution will be a meaningless word

    from a distant time in history when America was exceptional.

    This is not acceptable.

  • Patrick

    In order to control the costs of an industry they must take total control of the whole industry from start to finish and top to bottom.

    If our Dear Leaders plans stay in effect they will have to take control of the medical schools to control those costs. They can start by allowing more foreign trained medical professionals to practice here. Your next doctor could very well be Cuban trained.
    Then they will have to take control of the hospitals to control those costs. Already starting by forcing those who take federal money to dance to their tune.
    Then the medical instrument industry(already starting there).
    Then the drug industry, probably by changing the patent laws first.

    Welcome brothers to the new world. Soon all industries will have this wonderful government control placed over them.
    We will ALL have free housing, free food, free medical coverage, and good jobs with good pay. All the education we would ever want for free(as long as its in the fields the government deems necessary).

  • Patrick

    the main difference between Romney care and Obama care is that the people of the great state of Massachusetts actually voted for this stuff.

    They actually thought universal healthcare would be cheap and effective. They thought that they would get a choice in what care they got.


    No more choice unless your rich enough to afford your own personal doctor.
    Give the new leaders a little while and they will fix that problem also.

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