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Today’s blacklisted American: Massachusetts hospital network to deny healthcare to those who say things it doesn’t like

Mass General Brigham: hostile to free speech

They’re coming for you next: The Mass General Brigham (MGB) hospital network in Massachusetts has now established a policy that will deny healthcare to anyone who says something it doesn’t like.

The code covers not only “physical or verbal threats and assaults” and “sexual or vulgar words or actions,” but also “offensive comments about others’ race, accent, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or other personal traits” or refusal to see staff based on those traits. It frowns on “unwelcome words or actions” as well.

While patients can give their side when accused of violating the code, MGB warns that it may ask them to “make other plans for their care” in response to some violations. They might also be banned from “future non-emergency care … though we expect this to be rare.”

The code of conduct can be read here. Moreover, a scan of MGB’s website shows it to be totally invested in the agendas of critical race theory as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion. The top of its About page includes a link to a description of its “Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,” which describes in careful terms the quota policies the hospital now follows, designed to choose minorities in hiring rather than those with better medical qualifications.

Apparently, if you go for treatment at MGB, you might not get the best or smartest care, but dammit! your doctors and nurses will be the right race or ethnicity!

Of course, this is assuming these bigots choose to serve you. The code of conduct is very vague, especially in areas of “gender and sexual orientation.” Would the hospital ban you if you refused to use a person’s preferred pronouns? When asked “if misgendering or deadnaming — using a transgender person’s birth or legal name — counted as code violations,” a MGB official refused to say.

Based on the behavior of these leftist thugs in the past few years, I fully expect this hospital to remove any conservative or follower of the traditional Judeo-Christian religions if they are assigned a cross-dresser as their doctor and refuse to use his or her preferred pronouns.

Of course, should a Muslim object I also suspect this hospital will look the other way. The religion of peace always gets a pass in leftist circles.

The insanity of this is chilling, to say the least. This hospital has now decided its job is not merely taking care of its patients’ health, but to monitor and control their speech and their political positions. You want treatment? Then you better toe the line and agree verbally with the queer agenda as well as all the left’s political positions. Say otherwise, and this hospital threatens to not treat you.

The worst aspect of this story however is that MGB is not alone in this policy. According to a recent survey, almost every medical institution in the country is adopting similar policies to enforce the “woke” agenda.

All told, more than six out of 10 medical schools scored 80% [in promoting “woke”]. The Ohio State University College of Medicine audit shows a score of 93%, making it one of the most woke medical schools in America. Crucially, no institution scored lower than 50% — meaning virtually every medical school is implementing at least half the policies woke activists want.

So how are medical schools most woke? Affirmative action, for one: 100% have “admissions policies and practices for encouraging a diverse class of students.” Fully 85% have leaders who’ve “used demographic data to promote change” within their institution. In other words, medical schools are giving skin color and gender a consistently bigger emphasis in recruiting. This approach risks de-prioritizing merit, leading to a lower quality of medical students.

Schools are all but uniformly woke on many other measures. Ninety-nine percent have leaders who routinely participate in local, state or national DEI forums, diverting their focus from actual education. Some 98% have created a system for students to report bias, which risks self-censorship from educators who fear reprisals for teaching health care’s more difficult topics. The same percentage have launched new initiatives or funding streams for DEI, while 97% have “a dedicated office, staff, and resources.”

That means there’s a permanent bureaucracy at most medical schools pushing woke ideology on faculty and students alike. These efforts take away time and money from actual education.

In our new dark age, expect healthcare to decline badly in future years. For the past seven decades, since the civil rights movement in the 1960s, Americans had the best healthcare in the world, because it put merit and skill above race. There was no racism in who was hired, so the best always rose to the top. Nor was their bigotry in who was treated. Everyone got care, no matter their race or political views.

This is not our future. In the future segregation and discrimination will trump skill and merit, and thus the quality of doctors and care will decline, and some will be denied care because of what they believe or the color of their skin. What difference does it make that in the past the discrimination was against blacks, and now it is against whites. In both cases, bigotry results in worse healthcare for all. Sadly, Americans are now returning to those past corrupt policies.

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  • Alton

    Among Medical School Admissions … This goes back to at least the last Half of the Seventies …

    Personal Knowledge, from helping a friend which took Political Pull (State & Federal) to be over ridden …..

  • pzatchok

    What about patients with tourrette’s syndrome?

    My brother lives in a nursing home and one (more then one actually) of the old people screams the most insulting words at everyone. But even the black nurses give her the same care as anyone else. I asked about it and they just smiled and said she doesn’t even know what she is saying most of time. Everyone gets the same care.

    I would remove their accreditation as a learning facility if they are and stop the state from paying them.

  • Andi

    Scary stuff!

    Minor edit in last sentence of paragraph after first quote: “ designed to choose”

  • Andi: Thank you as always. Fixed.

  • SDN

    “The religion of peace always gets a pass in leftist circles.”

    Let’s be blunt: they get a pass because they are willing to stack up bodies and everyone knows it. Pronouns and policies aren’t real effective as armor.

  • 370H55V I/me/mine


    Yes indeed. Force works, and sooner or later our side will understand that, especially if it becomes (as the article concludes) a matter of survival.


    This DEI will not die unless a few of its adherents are summarily assisted in dying off.

  • Dmitry

    Assume Israeli hospitals will refuse to treat individual Palestinians unless they agree to recognize Israel’s right to exist. Would it be the same or not?

  • Rob Crawford

    The way I read that policy, a rape victim cannot insist on being examined by a woman. I wonder how long that policy will last.

  • Milt

    From the “Who Knew?” / Signs of the Times Department:

    Thanks to the diligent efforts of Ms. Sarah L. Kaufman at WaPo, even the seemingly happy and innocuous Nutcracker has been deconstructed. (Think of her analysis as the 1619 Project looks at ballet.)

    Watch — or even listen to — the Nutcracker and you are supporting Putin, and this cannot be allowed. Indeed, we must now add Tchaikovsky (formerly a tragic victim, with high standing on the left) to the list of unpersons such as Abraham Lincoln and even Dr. King, whose names must never again be spoken. Thus the Great Reset is perfected, and peace, harmony, and equity brought to the world. (Just ask the comrades — well, except for those who are currently protesting — in China.)

    The larger message, lest the dimmer animals fail to understand what is to be done, is that this year, there should be no performances of this terrible, pro-Putin piece of Czarist agitprop in places like New York, San Francisco, or in any other properly woke blue space.
    Take your family to a Christmas-themed Drag Queen show instead.

    The irony, as one of the sources for this piece hints at, is that Ms. Kaufman and her friends are just as much in thrall to today’s woke clerisy as Tchaikovsky was to the Czar:

    “What it is to have a master when you’re a servant and you’re supported by the czar, and royalty always has to be celebrated. The choreographers do know who’s paying the bills.”

    And so do Ms. Kaufman and her colleagues at WaPo.

  • GWB

    This hospital has now decided its job is not merely taking care of its patients’ health, but to monitor and control their speech and their political positions.
    All it has done is decide to only treat its fellow practitioners of the Progressive religion. It has become a religiously exclusive institution.
    Thereby, it should have all of its governmental funding cut.

    And, it’s not just a racial issue. Fundamentalist progressives have shown themselves very capable of treating minorities awfully if they don’t accept the Progressive doctrine. And, then, blaming the minority as “racist” – because they haven’t figured out the right talisman words for that situation, yet.

  • BLSinSC

    Truly DISGUSTING and SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!! I’m fairly certain there are LAWS that REQUIRE EMERGENCY TREATMENT whether the person has INSURANCE or not, but will the “LAW????” allow POLITICAL PERSECUTION????

  • Col Beausabre

    “Yes indeed. Force works, and sooner or later our side will understand that, especially if it becomes (as the article concludes) a matter of survival.”

    Jerry Pournelle on Military Virtue

    “For despite the silly sayings about violence never settling anything, history IS changed on the battlefield: ask the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, the Continental Congress, the Carthaginians, the Israelis, the Confederate States of America, Pompey and Caesar and Richard III and Harold of Wessex, Don Juan of Austria and Aetius the last Roman.”

  • Sisyphus

    If they refuse to serve patients in a medical emergency without stabilizing them, they are violating federal law, specifically EMTALA. Sounds like a boon for medical malpractice plaintiffs’ attorneys in MA.

  • GWB

    If, say, Notre Dame said you couldn’t be treated unless you could recite the Apostle’s Creed and the Our Father, in Latin, these same people would raise a hew and cry to the four corners of our nation (and possibly the UN).

    (Historical note: one of the retaliations that occurred during the Protestant Reformation was Roman Catholics asking children to recite the Our Father [or Lord’s Prayer]. If they did so in anything other than Latin, their parents were immediately “put to the question” for heresy.)

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