Massive federal/state program uncovered to track millions of cars nationwide

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What could possibly go wrong? A massive federal/state government partnership has been built to track the movements of millions of cars as they move across the country.

The program is also linked to a number of databases that provide a significant amount of private information about the drivers of those cars. The program has also been designed to aid state and federal officials in their efforts to grab cash and property from citizens in their civil forfeiture programs.

Doesn’t that make you feel safe?



  • PeterF

    This program is run by the government and they are here to help! Only someone who has committed a crime or broken a regulation would have anything to worry about!

  • t-dub

    PeterF is a perfect example of the PROBLEM we face today. The legal standard is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, not, “I’m not worried because I’m not doing anything wrong.”

    What happens Peter when the government changes its mind and something you deem as normal now classifies you as mentally unstable, a risk to society, or a criminal? Dumb ass.

  • T-dub: I think you misconstrue PeterF. He was being very sarcastic, though I will agree that he didn’t make this as obvious as he should have.

    However, please, no name-calling or insults. You were doing fine until the last two words. No call for that.

  • Edward

    Of course the law abiding have nothing to worry about. It isn’t like the police may stop and search you without a warrant or *probable cause* that you are carrying a gun that is legal for you to carry in one state into *their* state. Oh, wait. That’s what they did.

    Then again, there are how many hundreds of thousands of pages of laws. And even more pages of “case law” (unchecked and unbalanced laws made up by lone judges). How do you know that you are law abiding unless you have read and understood all of them. (BTW, there are law libraries, because not even the laywers and judges can read and understand all of them, and that is there job.)

    Who was it that said that each of us probably commits three felonies a day?

    And for those who are being robbed of their cash, how do we know that they committed any crime (e.g. drug crimes)? It is not a crime to carry cash, otherwise I may be committing a crime every time I leave my house, despite it being “legal tender.” And if they don’t convict the person that they declare a criminal, then hasn’t our justice system not only been abused but ignored by letting criminals loose to commit more crimes? Where is the protection of the public when they let loose the criminals and punish the innocent, and all for the government’s profit?

    Government has become greedy, just as in the Robin Hood and Zorro stories.

  • t-dub

    Sorry. I would edit it but I can’t.

  • No need to edit. Better to let our exchange stand so that others will understand the standard here at BtB.

  • I commit a felony every time I go shooting. Federal law prohibits gun possession within 1000′ of a school, but as I live within 1000′ of a school, every time I load the car with guns (or, come to think of it, the fact that I possess guns at all) technically makes me a felon. Criminality is defined by the law, and competing interests have passed laws often at odds with each other, and certainly with the founding principals of the country.

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