Meet the fascist professors at Middlebury College

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Following the violent protests at Middlebury College in Vermont that injured a professor during a speaking event by author Charles Murray last week, two professors issued a “statement of principles” in favor of free speech and expressing opposition to such violence. The following, only an excerpt, gives a flavor of the whole statement:

Exposure to controversial points of view does not constitute violence.

Students have the right to challenge and to protest non-disruptively the views of their professors and guest speakers.

A protest that prevents campus speakers from communicating with their audience is a coercive act.

No group of professors or students has the right to act as final arbiter of the opinions that students may entertain.

No group of professors or students has the right to determine for the entire community that a question is closed for discussion.

The purpose of college is not to make faculty or students comfortable in their opinions and prejudices.

So far 79 professors at Middlebury College have put their names to this document. What is interesting, however, is a list of those professors who have not signed this basic statement in favor of free speech. An academic at a different college took a close look at the signatories, and found not surprisingly that no teachers from certain departments had signed. Before you click to see, I am willing to bet you can guess many of the departments and their teachers who oppose the idea of free speech. There are surprises however:

African American Studies, African Studies, American Studies, Ara[bic, Comparative Literature, Dance, Education Studies, French, Gender, Sexuality, & Feminist Studies, Global Health , Greek, Hebrew-Classical, Hebrew-Modern, International and Global Studies, International Politics and Economics, Latin, Linguistics, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Physical Education, Physics, South Asian Studies, Spanish and Portuguese, Studio Art, and Theatre

Why any department that focuses on Hebrew studies should oppose this statement baffles me, but then, this is academia, where I would expect this department to be filled with anti-Israel leftists who think the Palestinians invented the Old Testament.

Regardless, the refusal to sign this statement reveals these departments and their teachers as individuals hostile to free speech and the free exchange of ideas. If you had plans to attend this college, or send your children there, be warned. If they wish to study in these fields they will be entering a fascist environment.



  • wayne

    Yeah, what’s going on with the departments of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Physical Education, and Physics?

    The Libertarian Podcast #189
    “Free Speech on College Campuses”
    Richard Epstein
    Wherein he discusses Middlebury in particular and free-speech on college campuses in general.

  • Tom Billings

    Wayne said:

    “Yeah, what’s going on with the departments of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Physical Education, and Physics? ”


    In the case of Physical Education, the department heads need to be able to run the department without on-going investigations, so they are first politically correct about any and all Title IX possibilities, and the extend that into all other progressive politics.

    In the case of Physics and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, these are the majors where it is common for individuals to spend the longest time of almost any major inside the hothouse of the academic progressive environment of the campus. Many learn early, and some learn late, that they will *not* be let alone if they are not openly and explicitly agreeing with every position taken by academic progressives. Many bend their minds to accept the progressive dominance and embrace it. Those who do not will often learn that silence is what will let them get on with their research without distraction from the politicos. Simple length of time in harness over the generations will produce departments of silence on politics.

  • wayne

    Tom Billing’s-
    Very good stuff!

  • Cotour

    They are all in favor of and willing defend the right to free speech to the death ! (as long as its the right kind of free speech).

  • wodun

    I would expect this department to be filled with anti-Israel leftists who think the Palestinians invented the Old Testament.

    Strange to see the term Palestinian appropriated and applied to people who were never Palestinians until about 30 years ago. Even stranger is when people use the name on ancient maps as proof that the Jews don’t have any claim to the land. Very few of the BDS types even realize that the term Palestinian first referred to Jews.

  • Cotour

    Related, what the Democrats are unable to understand, besides the fact that many of them are now practicing fascists:

    Above is an excellent article written by a true believer talking truth to power, only they do not want to hear. The article confronts the Democrat party with the reality it refuses to recognize. Let them begin again to pander to and put up with Hillzilla as she re-configures herself. Let them elect Perez to head the DNC. Let them make Ellison his deputy, Obama, acolyte Leftist true believers both. Let them continue to tell the people that they need to allow them to continue to endlessly confiscate more and more of their wealth. Let them continue to lose, over an over again because the people of America are sick and tired of their socialist mantra. But the leadership is so invested in their model that are are not permitted to see what it is they must see.

    This will not end well for the Democrat party……………And I say GOOD! Good for us all, good riddance to the lie that is Socialism, the lie that is this sick and perverted culture of dependency crafted by both party leaderships both for their own self interest reasons over the last 30 years plus years. They are both cancerous parasites of the worst kind.

    As Trump begins to put up some wins, as best as he can when and where he can, and the economy revives out of its Leftist, RINO, Globalist induced death spiral coma and the American people begin to see some optimism in their futures there is potential for a real American / world wide revival.

    What will be concerning me as this purposeful political mess moves into the future is, what will the FED do to help or hurt?

  • Garry

    Cotour, I see something different in that article: the author insists that the Democratic establishment won’t listen on a long list of issues he lists, but in reality they ran on these same issues and lost. in effect, he’s saying that the Democratic Party isn’t yelling loud enough to raise minimum wage to $15/hour, kill fracking, make college tuition free, etc.

    He is right in that the Democratic Party has no strategy for turning things around, but if things went his way, the party would enter its death spiral rather than revive,

  • Cotour

    Like I said, he is a true believer, he also “does not see” although he points out that the leadership does not see. Their thinking is so perverted and unrelated to reality that many of them actually believe true their own lies. Its all they have.

    I found his list entertaining and enlightening also.

  • Cotour

    And here we go again!

    Psyops? The actual document? Photo shopped document? Designed as the “new” racist distraction? If true, obviously an item with un-calculable potential for creating extreme chaos and unrest. A perfect strategic distraction if nothing else.

    What will Trumps response be? Can he ignore it and allow his pit bulls to play with it? Or ignore it. This horse has been out of the barn for too long to matter now.

  • Max

    And yet again,

    I saw today that Trump picked the chemical manufacturer Jon Huntsman for ambassador to Russia. His politics are so far left that he considered becoming a Democrat. We had bets at work that he would be Hillary’s pic as a vice president to bring in the fence sitters. Not to mention he quit in the middle of his third term as governor of Utah to become Obamas ambassador to China… The headlines should read “Trump drains the swamp and the swap drains back”.
    Utah’s oral hatch has decided to run for another term. He’s been in office since 1977. It is rumored that he will step down after election so the governor can appoint his replacement. Jon Huntsman was thought to be anointed for this? They definitely don’t want it to fall to a tea party type person or another Mike Lee. He blamed being talked into running for reelection on friends in the Senate that need him.
    Translation: the rhinos lock on power is slipping and they need all the help they can get to maintain power over the Republican Party and its influence. “We must hang together, for if we do not, we will hang separately”.

  • wayne

    Good stuff, in large measure. (You are on a roll recently, with rino-bashing!)

    Slight correction– it’s old-man Huntsman (Sr.) who started and ran the chemical empire. (He invented polystyrene containers for fast-food.)
    Jon (Jr.) is his son– he’s pretty much never had a real-job in his entire life, and is a quintessential rino-crony-statist.
    It’s no big surprise Trump loves the guy, they have similar political views.

    Speaking of fence-sitting….

    Harvey Danger
    “Flagpole Sitta”

  • wayne

    “Jon Huntsman (Jr.)…. why don’t you get a job?”

  • Cotour

    Interesting: If you notice that “Obama brother sends picture of Obama’s real birth certificate” which I saw and pulled last night from Drudge, is no longer on Drudge. It was there for a very short time and then was pulled.

    I guess they rethought their strategy of chaos? Who ever “they” are.

  • wayne

    Drudge rotates his stories on a regular basis.

    The important point in Barry’s youth, (in my opinion)—red-diaper baby– he was born in Hawaii but he spent 10 years growing up in Kenya. He has zero idea what it’s actually like to be an American.
    (His mom was not a CIA agent, despite what Alex says.)

    Wikipedia says Middlebury College has an endowment of $1 Billion. (as of 2016)
    Sounds like they need to have 101% of their Federal Funding cancelled, in perpetuity.

  • PeterF

    The whole controversy over Obama’s birth certificate stems from the statement by his dear old demented grandmother that he was born in Kenya.
    But lets me be clear; Barack Obama’s mother was a US citizen, therefore Barack Obama is a US citizen, NO MATTER WHERE HE WAS BORN! (military hospital, overseas vacation trip, Guyana cult follower)
    The reason Granny insisted he was born in Kenya was because she remembered that she had been TOLD to say that if any one ever asked where he was born. The reason she was TOLD to say that was because that is because the only way that Barack could get into college was as a foreign exchange student! (ref. the Bill Ayers book “Dreams From My Father”)

    Doesn’t anyone EVER pay attention and connect the dots?

  • PeterF

    The brother probably acquired the forged Kenyan certificate so that he could blackmail his brother in case he ever made it big. Tough crap on him that the entire family is incapable of any type of loyalty.

  • wayne

    PeterF– Good stuff.

  • Cotour


    Alex as does Savage, claim, and it is reasonable to claim this, Its not Obama’s mother but Obama’s maternal grand mother who was a bank executive in Hawaii and ran financial manipulations for the CIA, I believe in Indonesia.

    And I totally agree that Obama is a very international minded American because of his imprinting in his youth, as are we all.

  • Garry

    The issue is not whether he’s a US citizen, to oversimplify, the issue is whether he was born in the US.

    I forget the exact wording, but one of the requirements to be president is to be a (natural born?) US citizen. Being born in the US clearly qualifies one in this regard. Being a US citizen born overseas is a gray area that has never been challenged in the courts, so we can’t be sure what it means.

    It seems that being born in the Panama Canal Zone to military parents stationed there (as McCain was) fully qualifies one to be president. Or at least nobody brought up this issue with McCain before the 2008 election.

    When a child is born overseas to an American and a foreign national, the situation varies by country, but in many cases the parents have to choose the child’s citizenship (in some cases the child can hold dual citizenship).

    If Obama were born in Kenya and his parents chose to make him an American citizen, that may or may not meet the Constitutional requirements; it would have to be tested in the courts. If he were born in Kenya and they renounced his potential American citizenship, common sense would seem to dictate that he would not qualify, but who knows.

    Another complication is that he has a social security number issued in Connecticut.

    Nothing is simple with this matter, and there are plenty of nutcases spreading weird stories to muck it up even further.

    Just yesterday I clicked on an article by some nutjob who claimed to be Obama’s half brother; they supposedly were born to a terrorist or nazi or some such father (not BHO senior) and George HW Bush, then a CIA agent, has been holding both their birth certificates secret all these years. Yeah, right, and I’m bigfoot, Jimmy Hoffa, and D B Cooper all residing in one body.

    It’s all moot at this point anyway; he served and is out of office, and no matter what comes out, there are still many people who will continue to believe whatever they believe now.

  • wayne

    Cotour– I stand corrected, ref the mom. (and agree with Garry– the point is moot, either way.) >Manufactured distraction
    I am just not into the Alex narrative on Barry. He was born on American soil, but he’s not “American” in my eyes, he spent his formative years in Kenya, stoned in High school, and then in elite College’s. I firmly believe he doesn’t know anything about being an actual “American,” and he was systematically taught to hate everything about us.

    PeterF– on point. Mom was an American citizen.

    Garry– good stuff in large measure, but I would quibble on the extent of “grey area”– children of United States citizens, born abroad, are American citizens.

    the key phrase in the 14th Amendment is “..subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.”

    highly recommend this back-n-forth:

    “Mark Levin interviews professor Edward Erler on birthright citizenship under the 14th amendment”

  • Garry

    Wayne, children of American citizens born abroad are indeed citizens if they want to be (my oldest son is an example). I mean they are in a gray area in terms of whether they qualify to run for president, as the language in the Constitution is open to interpretation, and there has never been a court case to test it.

    Also, Obama spent his formative years in Indonesia, not Kenya.

  • wayne

    Thanks, and yes– I stand corrected on both items. Indonesia is nowhere near Kenya! and this “birthright” stuff has never been adjudicated.
    –This will come up in the future– all the more reason to choose the correct Judges. (Obama appointed 400 Federal district judges in the past 8 years.)

  • Edward

    At least there is one college in the US where the professors are fighting back against all this anti-free-speech violence. The violence is unacceptable, and it is time that the university administrations take action against it.

    As William Briggs says, the universities are now being controlled by the violent mobs:
    What do we call those people in a society who are licensed or allowed to use violence? … We call these the people in charge.” [emphasis in original.]

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