Messenger has crashed into Mercury

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After four years in orbit around Mercury and eleven years in space, engineers have confirmed that Messenger has crashed into Mercury.



  • D.K. Williams

    By what right do we crash vehicles into other planets? What if a superior race of spacefarers did the same to Earth and claimed it was for their science?

  • kiloreas

    manifest destiny

  • Gealon

    Then the life that spawns there should be grateful for the advanced technology (And potentially the seeds for such life) that we provided them, as we should be for those neat flying saucers stashed in Area 51. :P

  • D. Knox Williams

    Thus spake President J. Knox Polk!

  • D. Knox Williams

    Most excellent reply!

  • PeterF

    Manifest destiny was the excuse used to dislocate and exterminate the natives in North America. An intellectually lazy solution to achieve a goal rather than the difficult task of assimilation.

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