Microsoft inserts ads in Windows 10

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Why I use Linux, part 5,234,657: Microsoft is now inserting advertisements for its software throughout its Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft has taken the next step in pushing advertising on customers of its Windows 10 operating system, with users reporting an advertisement for Microsoft OneDrive now appearing in their File Explorer.

Windows 10 has been repeatedly reprimanded by technology journalists over the past year for the increasing amounts of advertising that are baked into the system. Advertisements in various forms have appeared in the Start menu, the lock screen, the taskbar, in the Windows Store, and various other areas. This seems to be the first time that users are noticing them in the File Explorer, the application that allows users to look through their documents and applications on their computer.

As I have been saying for years, dump Windows. It invades your privacy, provides you bad service while crashing at the worst possible moments. There are alternatives. I have been using Linux now for more than a decade, and it hasn’t held me back. Here again are the links to James Stephens’ series on Behind the Black for Getting and Installing Linux:



  • ken anthony

    Positive proof that the Ferengi have traveled back on time to earth!!!

  • James Stephens

    Windows 10 to me feels like a public toilet. Something you use, but only because you have to.
    Not privet at all and you hope you don’t catch something. When I’m forced to install W-10 at work it takes a day to beat it into submission so it will leave my end users alone. Then upstream changes routinely beak the cheesy software we use. I wish I could implement Linux at work. It does everything we need without the fuss and everybody likes it. But it H.R. says no, even though it’s an I.T. decision.

    I have implemented Linux installations in many businesses with great success and very little need for training.
    Often individuals will ask me to install Linux on their home computers and soon become evangelists themselves.

    I have used Linux exclusively at home for over fifteen years, believe me I do it all with no need for Windows. Fifteen years ago Linux was a little harder to use. But in these past ten years Linux has developed at an astonishing pace and now Linux distributions such as Linuxmint-Cinnamon are the most advanced and user friendly O.S.s out there.

    I would urge the reader to give it a spin and enjoy the computer again.

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