Middlebury College endorses heckler’s veto

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Another college no one should attend: Middlebury College, which saw violent protests when author Charles Murray gave a speech there, has established a new policy that will have them cancel any speaker “in cases of imminent and credible threat to the community that cannot be mitigated by revisions to the event plan.”

In other words, threaten violence against a speaker you disagree with, and you will successfully silence that speaker.

If this college believed in free speech, it would instead announce that it will immediately expel any student that threatens violence against anyone, and that it will do whatever is necessary to defend all speakers from violence. But the administration here doesn’t believe in free speech, so instead it invites violence against any unpopular speaker.



  • wayne

    Tuition alone is $50K a year at Middlebury!

    As a Parent who sent my daughter to Hillsdale College; “live-better, spend-less”— consider Hillsdale. They don’t take any government money of any kind.

  • wayne

    forgot my main point;
    Tuition at Hillsdale is $25K a year. And zero “Hate-America Studies.”

  • wodun

    It is rather convenient since the only ones that threaten violence to shut things down are leftists, at least in the times we live in now. If there were non-Democrats threatening violence, you know the events would go on no matter what.

  • Chris

    Grove. City in Grove City PA is just as fine a school.
    GC was in the Supreame Couirt case where the US Feds wanted to force tuition and other aide and then/therefore government mandates. I think Hillsdale may have been in this as well but not the headline.
    In any case, a great school – good engineering program.
    They just don’t have the radio spots that Hillsdale does.

  • wayne

    Yes– thanks for bringing that (Grove City) up. And yeah, Hillsdale has quite the outreach (fund-raising) program! (ha) (I have a brick with my name on it, near the student center.)
    I did not know Grove City was an engineering oriented school– cool!

    here we go–

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