Millions of Obamacare applications can’t be processed

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Federal officials have admitted that, of the 2.9 million Obamacare applications that have problems and thus cannot be processed, 85% cannot be resolved.

You ask a government bureaucracy to run things, you get these kinds of problems. Everyone knows this, even liberals, which is why I am endlessly puzzled that they still demand the government to do things for us.



  • If you worked with a company that promised so much and delivered so little wouldn’t you fire them?

    The problem with Government provided services is that there is no – zero – incentive to do a good job. They know if they fill their desk, and do some basic work, that there is nothing – NOTHING – we can do to throw them out.


  • Cotour

    Its not the means that they are interested in its the ends. They can not help themselves, they want to “help” us all. If they had to have you executed in order to “help” you they would be able to come up with the justification for doing so.

    I listen to the president say “we have to do something instead of doing nothing”. Doing “nothing” like the president insists is being done by the Congress is also something, its just not what the president wants to be done. That’s how our system works, the president does not get to do what ever he wants without having to get the cooperation of the other counter balancing components of the government. To listen to him you would have to conclude that he must have slept through all of his American Constitution classes. ( we know he did not sleep through his classes so his actions and complaints are all the more offensive and dangerous.)

    So actually nothing is something, and we can be thankful for that.

  • Orion314

    Puzzled? I’m not, Lazy , stupid , selfish , socialists are , of course, going to demand stuff from the Feds. What else would they do? Read a book? Get off their fat asses and get a shitty paying job? Stopt watching TV? Baaawwwwaaaaaahahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!

  • ken anthony

    You’re really not puzzled because you know it is never about fixing problems. It’s going to come down to the red button. A new declaration of independence is just not in the cards.

  • David M. Cook

    Liberals don’t want to do things FOR us, they want to do things TO us! Liberals want to PUNISH people for believing in God, for example, or make you pay for choosing to educate your (YOUR!) children outside of the state-sponsored centers-for-indoctrination. It’s all about power, and controlling the levers of power which allow liberal socialist-democrats to give action to their hatred of conservatives.

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