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Minneapolis city council will disband police force

Boy would I be hiring moving vans: The Minneapolis city council today announced at a George Floyd protests that it now has a veto-proof majority determined to disband that city’s police force.

Minneapolis’ left-leaning City Council members on Sunday announced a veto-proof push to disband the Minneapolis police department, ramping up a major conflict inside the city following the death of George Floyd while in police custody.

Many activists have been pushing at least for their cities to defund local police departments, a move many other analysts considered unrealistic. The measure has been the main focus for many people protesting against police brutality.

The city council members spoke at a protest at Powderhorn Park, a neighborhood in Minneapolis. The number of supporters in attendance represented a veto-proof majority to push the measure through, Fox 9 reported.

It appears the council members supporting this measure are all from Minnesota’s version of the Democratic Party, the same party in the state legislature that only three months ago passed bills making it easier to confiscate citizens’ guns and more difficult for citizens to get them.

So, let’s sum up: The Democrats in Minnesota are demanding that citizens be disarmed, while simultaneously working to eliminate any police protection. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

What these policies illustrate is that these Democrats see the ordinary citizen, from all races, as a justified target, and are doing whatever they can to facilitate their murder.

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  • Cotour

    Remember: “Seattle Is Dying” the “Progressive” dream utopia?

    The “Progressives” are in the process of fashioning that same model in Minneapolis, in NYC (See: Bill DeBlasio), Chicago and everywhere else that they control. Irrational bail reform, empty the jails, people living and crapping on the streets etc. They are all in need of care and therapy, housing, jobs, universal guaranteed income (No jobs), free drugs, free needles, you get the picture. And don’t forget, castrate the police and now defund the police. No police needed. And this is how they further enslave the white “Privileged” middle class, I mean the 1 percent. Keeps them enslaved and obligated to continue paying ever higher and higher taxes.

    That is the perverted model of success that the Democrats are currently going with. Good luck there also.

  • sippin_bourbon

    I think in the long run, this policy will fail.

    But after they fire all officers, when they go to re-hire officers ( they will eventually), who will be willing to take that job?

  • wayne

    (“What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”)

    I’m in Michigan but I’ve spent considerable time in Minneapolis/St. Paul– it’s a very ‘progressive’ place. (and I don’t mean progress) (Interestingly however, they do not have bottle-deposit laws.)
    The surrounding suburbs are nice, and everyone who can, has already escaped to them. In this respect it’s a lot like Detroit.
    They do have a huge population of Hmong from southeast asia, and those folks have largely assimilated. “Downtown” is nice during the day, but it basically closes at 5pm. (except during rioting)

    let’s go for a drive….

    Cruising Minneapolis on Interstates 35W and 94
    The Highwayman 2015
    (featuring Tom Petty, “Fault lines”)

  • Phill O

    The 1st election of Nixon, a friend informed me, was because people were tired of the riots and he had a law and order platform. The demographics are different now because the Weather Underground (Bill Ayers) have permeated universities and brainwashed the kids for a full generation now.

    These councilors probably think that lying to the rioters will work and they will not have to actually disband the police.
    This will not happen. The president can/will take action.

  • Phill O

    Here is a new link from FOX News

    Not just America, but the world really needs President Trump for a second term.

  • wodun

    It would mean justice by lynch mob.

  • LocalFluff

    Without the cops, there will be no gun confiscations and no problem to buy any weapon. And there will be ex-cops for hire. I think it is a change to the better, to get government out of policing. Because then the government is completely irrelevant and can be ignored. Problem solved!

    Leftists only thrive in mental insanity. They are monkeys who incite and imitate each others emotion, without any ability to think about anything, such as the consequences. That’s why socialists only can thrive in capitalist societies, where there’s something for them to steal. Every time a leftist gets in contact with reality, outside of mentally ill monkey brains, they fail utterly. It was ultimately not the US that made Soviet collapse, it was their own realities at home that they had no ability at all to handle.

  • Col Beausabre

    We should celebrate. Never again will we be asked why we support the Second Amendment. Give a month or two after F (Fire) Day

  • Andrew_W

    I think long term without a police force you’d see a growth in organized crime, at the moment the police are the biggest and strongest gang around, but at least they’re under the control of politicians who’re answerable to the public at the ballot box. Without the police the biggest gangs would be the likes of the Mafia and various street gangs.
    I’m fairly confident that without a police force one would soon be invented – to get control of rampant crime.

  • wayne


    (so to speak…)

  • Andrew M Winter

    This the strange phenomenon associated with the entire history of Gun Control in America. The party that wants it the most is the one that continual slashes it’s own wrists! They keep downsizing the very policing units they would need to actually confiscate the guns.


    Alright. Let them.

    I have been involved in agitation to protect 2nd amendment rights since I was in High School ’69 – ’72. As such I am aware the that wrongful deaths incurred by Uniformed Law Enforcement in this matter is as long as the list of “begats” in The Old Testament.

    Let’s just watch this experiment play out. Could it be that Uniformed Law Enforcement is not what it has been sold to us to actually be? Could it be that Uniformed Law Enforcement is NOT the first line of defense against crime and criminals?

    Let’s see what happens in Minneapolis when they don’t have Constables On Patrol anymore.

    Goodness knows, with Ruby Ridge and WACO at the pinnacle of my awareness of the wrongful deaths dealt out by Uniformed Law Enforcement, I am no fan.

    IF Minneapolis can make it work. I am on board with it. If not, well it’s just Liberal Karma coming back on them, and we can all point and laugh!

    Win – Win for me.

  • Phill O

    I have much respect for the Hidalgo county sheriff’s (NM) department and their officers. They are understaffed due to the county revenues, but they are much better than the state police.

  • Gregory English

    If i were a miniapolis police officer I’d be heading out the door now. i would not wait.

  • Gregory English

    If i were a Minneapolis police officer I’d be heading out the door now. i would not wait.

  • Cotour

    Imagine, here Jesse Jackson takes a pic with interviewees for the new recruits for the new security force on the streets of Minneapolis?

    This is the “Progressive” agenda, up is down, good is bad, right is wrong, black is white. Because you refuse to love me I must destroy you. And it is all backed up by millennial white bread emotional guilt. What a bunch of self serving self important crap. Delusion.

    Respect is the foundation of any real world success in these abuse of power issues and not what the “Progressive” agenda promotes, which is the total razing of the Constitution and the rule of law in America and by extension the world. So goes America so goes the world.

    And we can all I think universally agree that what the likes of a DeBlasio proposes, defunding of the police is a non starter. “Seattle Is Dying” and so they also want to kill New York and every other major city in the country, to be rebuilt in what structure? What security? What law? ANTIFA will write the “New” and improved more fair Constitution? Silly.

    There will ultimately be law and order, what it will take is real leadership and not pandering to wanna be community leaders headed by street gang or ANTIFA members, who we know are the more righteous and law abiding among us.

    This in time will be revealed for what it is, (like it is not blatantly apparent right now) just like all of the traitorous politicos who would support such foolish propositions. Yes, defund the police “Progressives”, just dismiss all police officers for that matter. Go ahead and do what it is that you say you believe is the best for your constituents, you have the legislative control in many U.S. cities. Do it, I cant wait.

    All will be revealed, and Trump is the catalyst. MAGA

  • James Street

    Well this is certainly embarrassing for the Democrats:

    Rasmussen: Black approval for Trump soars to over 40%

  • Cotour

    They reveal themselves every day.

    Here, gay, liberal columnist, Andrew Sullivan has essentially been muzzled, he is not allowed to write about the riots because he may have an opinion that does not support his publication owners positions? The position of the movement?Not allowed to write about the news of the day either in his publication or for any other publication as per his contract.

    And Trump is the Fascist.

    So very transparent, so very desperate.

    Its coming.

  • Kevin R.

    The left always goes too far.

  • Cotour

    And then you have this, the head Bovine effluent panderers. These may be the most embarrassing people ever in power.

    So transparent, by the time this is over they will all be naked.

    And then all will be revealed.

  • Garry

    My understanding is that the city council is going to vote on a pledge to try to get rid of the police; in other words, they’ve promised to promise, and it’s not clear they have the authority to defund. As with most issues these days, there’s a lot of misinformation out there, so who really knows what the story is?

    Do the Dems really think it’s in their interest to fire police all over the country, all of whom belong to unions whose leadership primarily supports Dems, and many of whom are racial minorities, especially in big cities?

    I think this (and other moves of late) are kabuki moves, trying to generate instability by exaggerating instability that exists. I fear it might work.

    My hope is a repeat of the 1968 election, where voters overwhelmingly chose the side that promised order.

  • Cotour

    Hold their feet to the fire and make them do what it is that they say they want to do.

    Frauds, and liars, every last one of them.

    DO IT.

  • F16 Guy

    Wherever a law enforcement void exists, it will be filled with gang presence, mob members, or cartels.
    How’s that working for Mexico?

    In 2018, Mexico broke the previous deadliest year record, with Mexican authorities opened 33,341 murder investigations in 2018, the highest number ever. However in 2019, homicides were on track to reach 35,000 in 2019 which is even higher than the 2018 year record.

    Sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

  • Cotour

    Even paying lip service to the thought of defunding or removing the police is a ridiculous concept in America.

    The argument that the people turn over their safety and welfare to essentially street gangs is a meme only, symbolism that panders to ignorance.

    Respect and teaching the personal philosophy of respect, not love, is the only real and true answer to such conditions as abuse of power in the community and in the police departments. Force them to move ahead with their proposal and make them do it.

    I dare them.

  • Tom Biggar

    American Thinker has an article titled: Mayhem made in Venezuela?: Take a look at the photos of BLM leaders whooping it up with Nicolas Maduro in Harlem and Caracas
    “Well, I’ve covered a lot of riots — from Indonesia to Argentina to Russia to East Timor to Thailand to Venezuela, plus domestic ones in Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco — as a journalist. The one thing that’s always come out in the aftermath is that none of these mass rioting and looting events was ever a simple spontaneous eruption. All big riot events are man-made.

    But the one place that really shows evidence of instigation is the failed state of Venezuela and its controlling agent, Cuba. In this case, it’s not just the similarities in the end result — the mass riots that engulfed much of South America’s conservative-led states last year are remarkably similar to what is happening now in the States. There’s actual evidence of collusion.

    Here are some photos of Black Lives Matter founder Opal Tometi whooping it up with Venezuela’s malevolent dictator in Harlem:” [photo]

    The article goes on to describe in more detail the links between Cuba, Venezuela and the riots that ‘spontaneously’ erupted across South America last year. Of course, you won’t need your gun after they take over, and it’s better for them if you disarm now.

  • sippin_bourbon

    You cannot have the Rule of Law without an enforcement system.

  • LocalFluff

    @James Street
    Trump 40% approval among African Americans?
    That’s pretty good, considering that Mitt Romney got 6%. And this is before it is commonly known that Biden beat up the black citizen Corn Pop with a chain!

  • LocalFluff

    Current events (and historic) show how very surprising effects small things can have. Just looking at the chemical properties of melanin, who would’ve thought that it would ‘go mental’ and cause riots and mass murder among apes? Is it because we shaved? Is Gillette to blame?

  • Cotour

    Its not about melanin or skin color, its about garbage culture being leveraged into political revolution and Socialism in pursuit of power and control.

    Nothing new here.

    “You don’t love me, so I must destroy you”.

    “But I respect you”

    “No matter, you don’t love me and what ever I say is to be. And since that is true then you are racist.”.

  • Greg the Geologist

    Looks alarmingly like the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Weakening of authority, government unable to keep law and order. Incursion of ‘barbarians’, who did not share Roman civic culture and legal tradition. Sacking of cities, driving those with means out to their villas, to defend as best they could. We know what replaced it. Main difference is that back then they didn’t have ‘sword control’ (not that the poor could afford personal weapons anyway). We can hope that the majority of Americans will recoil at this, and vote accordingly.

  • Dick Eagleson

    This whole mess is simply concrete proof of what I’ve been saying about the Black Lives Matter organization – such as it is – for the last two or three years. BLM is a combination of the political/PR wing of black organized crime and of organized violent leftist groups that have been around, in some cases, for over a century. To put it in an erstwhile Irish context, Antifa and the rest of the modern Brownshirts are the Provisional IRA and BLM is Sinn Fein.

    If any of the manure-brained useful idiot lefties in mayoral chairs or city councils actually disband their police departments, what seems likely to follow is a very pointed lesson in spontaneous order.

    One can legally disband a police department a lot more easily than one can physically disband a police department. I think “disbanded” police will, for the most part, simply refuse to go. They’ll keep the stations manned and continue to patrol and answer calls. They’ll also arrest their cities’ political “authorities” and lock them up. If the local, or imported, ne’er-do-wells are foolish enough to try “taking over,” the result is likely to be short, sharp and quite bloody – with most of the blood being shed by the career malefactors and aspiring commissars.

    Police have databases of gang members and ex-cons. Antifa types have typically been kind enough to wear a sort of uniform. In either case, it’s easy to turn the bodycams off for a day or two and operate with shoot-on-sight orders against gang-bangers, opportunistic ex-cons and people who think they’re leading the revolution.

    I also suspect the police would get a non-trivial amount of help and coordination from spontaneously organized neighborhood vigilance committees, most probably formed up by retired former spec ops troopies who will quickly hammer out a chain of command – most likely based on ranks at separation – rules of engagement and an assessment of zones in the cities ranging from well-defended down to Injun Territory. Guys who have rooted jihadis out of Fallujah and Kandahar aren’t going to be impressed by urban street gangs. Rough men willing to do violence and all that.

    The most effective and consequential of such groups are likely to be in black and brown neighborhoods and run by black and brown ex-military elites.

    If the local and imported bad actors are really persistent, all that is likely to happen over the course of a few days is that cities with “disbanded” police departments will shortly have essentially no live citizens within city limits who are gang members, leftist Brownshirts or have gang or prison tats. Perhaps even the feckless city officials will all wind up being “shot while trying to escape.” The criminals and the leftists who think that a condition of “No More Rules” will benefit them are smoking crack. There’s no one who is going to miss the rule of law when it’s gone quite so much as those with utter contempt for it.

    When the shooting dies away, the “disbanded,” but still unionized, police can make a solidarity appeal to their fellow city employees in the street maintenance departments to assist with “large animal removal and disposal.” The cops have surplus MRAPS, but the street maintainers have dump trucks and skip loaders.

  • Greg: There was “sword control” back then. A long-standing law forbade provincials and Romans from carrying arms like swords, spears, and bows unless traveling through dangerous country or similar necessity.

  • Cotour

    Silly, pandering, weak, Left leaning, desperate Democrat leadership:

    Disband the police? Defund the police?

    I say again to the Leftist legislatures, mayors and governors, go right ahead, DO IT!

    Its just one more arrow in Trumps quiver.

    The result of all of the chaos and acting out, all will be revealed.

  • Cotour

    “Black Lives Matter” and “White Privilege”, I found this video very interesting and instructive:

    A massive team of exclusively white men and all of their equipment building a pond for…………….one large black man, Shaq.

    I just find it a comical contrast to what is being promoted in the streets of America and what is in fact going on in the real world. Is it just me?

  • LocalFluff

    @Greg the Geologist
    “Looks alarmingly like the fall of the Western Roman Empire.”
    – The difference is that the barbarians back then were Christians too! (By their standards at least, Shakespeare’s MacBeth illustrates the mental difficulties for someone to reconcile with that fatherless sonäs claims that his olden ways be evil).
    Today the barbarians are muslims.

    @Dick Eagleson
    *”BLM is a combination of the political/PR wing of black organized crime and of organized violent leftist groups”*
    – That’s how socialism works. It was with the unleashing of looting that Lenin destroyed Russia only 100 years ago.

    *”I think “disbanded” police will, for the most part, simply refuse to go. They’ll keep the stations manned and continue to patrol and answer calls.”*
    – I doubt it. I think that the police have seen so much bad things and have been so maltreated, that they easily stay at home, or go hired by the highest payer, as soon as they feel unwanted in their current service.

    “When the shooting dies away”
    – So you mean the day after Dies Irae? Or when the government runs out of ammunition.

    I predict that there will be a bloodbath, until Trump, when he calculates that it benefits him, cleans it up by force. If he has that kind of command of the military.

  • Greg the Geologist

    Mr. McNeil, thanks for pointing that out – I’d probably read that once, later forgot it. So, even more similar than I first thought.

    Mr. Fluff, some of the barbarian tribes were indeed Christian (Roman Christian, specifically, same as Roman Catholic, structure and liturgy basically unchanged from that time until the 1960s), few if any were Byzantine Christian (modern Byzantine Catholics and Eastern Orthodox), some or many tribes were Arian, and many of the more northern tribes, those with less and more recent contact with the Empire, were what we know as pagans (obviously lumping a lot of local indigenous religious traditions together). Later on the barbarians of Europe did adopt Christianity (Germanic and British to the Western tradition, Slavs and some others to the Eastern or Byzantine tradition), but by that time the Western Empire was done.

    Interestingly, Hilaire Belloc in the mid 20th century suggested that Islam was actually a revival of sorts (indirect) of the older Christian heresy of Arianism. I don’t know of any others who have posited that theory, but it’s intriguing, given the general commonalities.

  • pzatchok

    I have heard that Islam originated from the old Bedouin Nabataean religion. obviously overlay-ed with altered stories out of both the Old and New testaments.

    Evidence of this is that all Mosques for the first 200 years of Islam pointed to Petra and not Mecca.

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