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Minnesota writing conference cancelled because of too many whites

Bigoted intelligentsia: A Minnesota writing conference was cancelled yesterday because people complained the line-up of speakers did not have enough minorities.

Twenty-two authors were set to speak at the event, but only one had an ethnic background. William Alexander, winner of a National Book Award, is a Cuban-American author. Udesen said the event was canceled in part because of the lack of diversity in the line-up, but also because not enough people were going to attend.

[Britt Udesen, executive director of the event] added that they invited more than 30 people of color to speak at the conference, but none accepted the invitation.

So, now it is unacceptable to even hold an event if minorities are not interested in participated. They must be there, since whites don’t count.

Utter and blatant bigotry. That’s all this is.


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  • Edward

    From the article: “A gaming conference also ran into a similar problem last year. The University of Southern California canceled its game design program because all the speakers were men.

    How many game designers are women? The next thing we know, a football player’s conference or a baseball player’s conference will be cancelled because too many of the players are men. How many knitting circles have been cancelled or banned because there aren’t enough men going to them? Are we about to cancel women’s basketball because there aren’t enough male players?

    From the article: “‘The times I’ve been to that conference it has felt stiflingly white, definitely stiflingly older white woman, stiflingly suburban,’ young adult author Shannon Gibney said. ‘And because of that it hasn’t been a space where, as a newer writer of color, it is really useful for me.’

    So now writing is all about color, age, sex, and home location? A “newer writer of color” expects to find usefulness only from younger, non-white, non-suburban, male writers? What does Shannon Gibney think is wrong with the writings of stiflingly older, stiflingly suburban, white women?

    Add it to your list of white privileges. Whites cannot speak if there are not enough minorities willing to speak.

    When I am told to check my white privilege, this is my checklist:

    It is my privilege to:
    – Be the last chosen for a job.

    – Be the last chosen for college.

    – Be blamed for all the world’s ills just for being an old white guy.

    – Be called all kinds of words, yet be disallowed from using a word that others may use freely in discourse, song, and entertainment. I cannot even use the word to tell you what it is!

    – Be told to check my privilege.

    – Be fired for having a different point of view or donating to the wrong campaign.

    – Be denied opportunities for grants.

    – Be the butt of jokes but may not specify others as the butts of my jokes.

    – Be the stupid guy in advertisements, the one so stupid that he has to be told what is the right product to use.

    – Be required against my will to participate in rituals and ceremonies with those who behave against my values or principles, yet they are not required to participate against their will in mine.

    – Have my free speech rights abridged because some who disagree with me threaten or practice violence that the police or other authorities refuse to stop or prevent.

    – Be called names by those who disagree with me, yet if I respond I am called more names for defending my free speech rights or my position.

    – Be declared a racist, by President Obama, due solely to the genes that control the color of my skin.

    – Be considered a slave owner despite no one in my family ancestry ever having owned any slaves.

    – Be blamed, due to my sex, for climate change (I know that this is not a “white” privilege, but it is my privilege nonetheless): (see section 2.2)

    – Be banned from the Evergreen State College campus (in Washington state) once a year, due to my skin color.

    – Be denied the opportunity to speak if not enough minorities are willing to speak.

    By the way, at what shade does white privilege kick in?

  • wayne

    Good stuff!

    Ref your last question– who knows.
    The NYT’s claimed George Zimmerman (the phony Trevon ‘thang) was a “white Hispanic.” He wasn’t a “real minority,” because, well…it wouldn’t fit their Narrative.

  • Edward

    Yes, wayne. With Rachel Dolezal passing for black and Elizabeth Warren passing for American Indian, it is pretty clear that “white privilege” is not all that it is said to be. As you have pointed out, the narrative says that if you are suspected of a crime, you are no longer considered to be a minority. Only whites are the bad people. If you rob a convenience store and try to kill a cop, you are declared to be the victim and everyone claims that only Black Lives Matter (everyone who matters, that is); anyone saying that all lives matter gets shouted down, because only non-white lives matter.

    (That is yet another privilege. It is my privilege to have my life not matter.)

    Now there is the new downside that whites do not get to pass along the benefits of their writing experience, merely due to their skin tone. Because only non-white experience matters.

  • wayne

    yar… forgot about Rachel! (That is one messed up girl, I’d love to read her psych-file.)

    FYI for anyone with an interest–
    Louder with Crowder currently live streaming Thursday’s free-show on YouTube;

    Guest will be Stephen Molyneux at the bottom of the hour.

  • @ Edward:

    So Euro-Americans suffer THE most discrimination?

    In racist America, the Whites still come out on top.

  • wayne


    Being There (1979)
    all you gotta be is white in America to get whatever you want…

  • wayne

    As someone who has spent an inordinate amount of time vacationing in Minnesota, [Minneapolis/St. Paul & Redwing environs]– the State is (was) amazingly White-Bread in composition, except for pockets of imported foreigner’s who are essentially ghettoized.

    Minnesota is a very “progressive,” and I don’t mean “Progress.” (Who the heck elects Al Franken or whacky Wrestling Stars??)
    ((har…I guess I’ll find out in Michigan— Vote KidRock2018!))

    Not as progressively-bad as Wisconsin, but it’s all relative.
    (There was a huge influx of Vietnamese immigrants in the late 70’s/early 80’s, from what I’ve seen they have assimilated/integrated quite well. They farm a lot of rice in Minnesota, if I’m allowed to say that.

    And my completely tangential pet-peeve with Wisconsin/Minnesota– “Michigan has BIGGER DEER than either one of you.”
    –That “Deer-Size-Envy” psychological ‘thing you folks have going on with your Deer-X-ing warning signs, makes me laugh so much the pop comes out my nose!

    Minnesota Stereotypes

    (Blair– Everyone in Minnesota DOES own a “cabin on a lake.” (HA))

  • wodun

    Did the conference provide refunds or walk with the money? If they had enough attendees to make a profit, I doubt they would have cancelled the event.

    As long as we are posting funny stuff, did anyone watch this back in the 80’s? History of White People in America

  • wayne

    Good stuff.
    And yes, now that you mention it, I did see the History of White People! Thanks for the link.

  • Edward

    Blair Ivey wrote: “In racist America, the Whites still come out on top.

    If all you see is racism against your own race, then that is the natural conclusion. I live in a racist nation that actually has institutionalized racism. It is institutionalized under the euphemism “Affirmative Action.” The rest of the culture has followed suit, right down to a president declaring that genes determine racism (and only certain skin-coloring genes).

    The seventeen privileges that I listed above are not imaginary. They actually happen in America.

    I am getting tired of being punished for the evils of other people’s ancestors. When the hell will the downtrodden pick themselves up and start succeeding, as did those who were brought here just to labor at building the Transcontinental Railroad and those who were unfairly interned by FDR. The people who come out on top are the ones who do not make themselves downtrodden.

    Quite frankly, I would like it if I were just allowed to pass along the benefits of my writing experience. Is that asking too much?

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