Mississippi’s new voter ID law went into effect and there were no problems.

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The biggest non-event in this past Tuesday’s election: Mississippi’s new voter ID law went into effect and there were no problems.

As Sid Salter from the Clarion Ledger put it, the voter ID law was a “non-event” and “voters expressed little, if any, inconvenience at the polls due to the new law.” So how is the new law being covered by the media? Instead of reporting that the voter ID law is “sailing through,” the mainstream media has instead elected to remain silent.

The media did not report this non-story because it didn’t serve the partisan fear-mongering of the Democratic Party, which has been claiming since 2000 that voter id laws are designed to suppress the black vote — as if black voters are too stupid to have ID. The truth is that these laws only suppress one thing: voter fraud, something that it appears the Democratic Party depends on all too often to win elections.



  • Fraud Flintstone

    YOUR lies/perversion of truth should be illegal. Funny how you bring up the no-news-here Miss. electioneering in light of the well covered Ala. “Help! I’m locked in the courthouse.” headliner. Right wing nut jobs caught red handed where the ballots are stored, after midnite! They call a Repub.official to let them out, of course not law enforcement.There’s the the real vote crisis/fraud.The righties who think it’s ok to throw certain ballots in the trash, flush’m down da toilet, etc. They believe it’s their duty as patriots to cheat, lie, decieve (like you), and break the law to achieve their usually racist, ignorant, and un,repeat unchristian goals.
    You know damn well that the kind of vote fraud ID supporters claim exists doesn’t . And you also know the real reason you like ID/vote suppressing laws is ’cause u don’t want the poor or public transportation using city dwellers to vote. Add to this the fact that primaries are the least affected by the ID laws.
    Do you really not understand that the media not reporting you complain about is YOU as you report! You on your website! It’s promoted on the radio! Your idiotic right-wing sociopath echomedia… You’re reporting it, nonstory as it may be.
    Your winner take all philosophy could easily bite your ass someday. It’s more likely than you and your ilk think too. I find some comfort knowing it may and more when it actually does at least humble you.

  • Edward

    And there it is. It’s always about race. Don’t let facts get in the way of an emotional argument.

    By the way, I didn’t find any of that “well covered” news about someone locked in an Alabama (or Alaska) courthouse. Who locked him in, and why?

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