Mitt Romney once ran a Nazi torture cult!

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More horrors revealed: Mitt Romney once ran a Nazi torture cult! And that’s not all. Click the link for more.

Thank God we have a vigilant press to find out these important facts, before the election.



  • Chris Kirkendall

    WOW ! ! Who knew??

  • wade

    everything that has happened to the USA as far as government, stinks like NAZI 1938. and i am of German Descent from my ancestors fleeing Germany back then.

  • wade

    recently, i witnessed countless would be campers, young and old, being handcuffed on the side of the road while TSA ravaged their belongings. these TSA agents were accompanied by State Police officers, just in case the TSA found Anything that warranted an arrest, all of this in a protected State Forrest area. these people were of all ages , from young to old. where did America Go ?

  • wade

    i seen an old couple of 70yrs old , the man on his belly with handcuffed hands behind his back while his elderly wife raised hell with 7 officers as the cops threw their belongings on the ground and rifled threw them. all for going to a State park and Forrest Refuge to Camp Out.

  • wade

    the Wealthy people of the USA have , for Years , been seeking monetary as well as dual citizenship , in foreign countries. just to Escape what we All have in Our laps Today. in 2010 i was informed that i was Limited as to the amount of Cash i could transfer from USA to other vacation nations. Plus , for a simple withdrawal from one of my banks, i was asked by the Teller as to What i intended to Do with this money. i not talking major amouts Here, as it was to pay my cell phone bill in the amount of $300. Excuse Me ?……i responded to the Teller, That IS None of your Business.

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