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Mob of Democrats threatens violence against conservative students at the University of Memphis

Democrats in Georgia in 1915, lynching Leo Frank
Democrats in Georgia in 1915, lynching Leo Frank

In a now typical display of the modern leftist protest movement, a mob of Democrats threatened to kill attendees at a Turning Point USA event at the University of Memphis on March 20, 2024 where Kyle Rittenhouse was scheduled to appear.

A savage mob terrorized conservative students attending a Turning Point USA event featuring Kyle Rittenhouse at the University of Memphis. The mob literally chased conservative students shouting obscenities and violent threats. Several students who had been attending a campus Bible study were also caught up in the melee. Eyewitnesses say the mob made direct threats against TPUSA leadership. Radical black activists cheered the chaos. There are no reports of arrests. The TPUSA group later found refuge in a nearby safe house

When Rittenhouse attempted to give his speech, he was shouted down and forced to go directly to Q&As. Though it seemed from at least one clip that this Q&A proceeded with some civility (though interspersed with many angry catcalls from the crowd), it ended abruptly after thirty minutes, which according to Rittenhouse was because they had a hard cut off time.

At the first link are numerous videos showing that mob in all its glory, one of which is embedded below. It shows several attendees of the event being escorted into the building by police, as the mob surrounds and chases them, shouting curses and threats.

These are not protesters or demonstrators, expressing their first amendment rights. This is a lynch mob, a rabble of mindless sheep caught up so entirely in its emotions that it is capable of doing anything. And had there not been a few policemen there to stop them, someone would have certainly been beaten to death by them.

Note too that this rabble has no respect for the law or the Constitution or any of the rules that make civilization possible. The state had every opportunity to prove that Kyle Rittenhouse had not acted in self defense when he shot those Antifa protesters, and failed entirely. The jury, after being given all the evidence, determined that Rittenhouse had acted in self-defense, and was thus innocent of murder.

By all aspects of our law, culture, and tradition, going back centuries, Kyle Rittenhouse entered the courthouse innocent until proven guilty, was found innocent by a jury of his peers, and thus remains innocent entirely. You might not like that decision, but in a civilized society we are required to accept it.

This mob, who we all know will vote 100% for Democrats, doesn’t like that law, that culture, and that tradition. Instead, they want mob justice, the right to lynch anyone whom they determine is guilty, based not on a careful review of the facts but on their emotional desire to wield power and to squash their enemies.

This is today’s left, which really isn’t different than the left of the past. The Democratic Party founded the KKK, lynched blacks and Jews (see the picture above), and enforced Jim Crow laws in the south to keep blacks enslaved even after the Civil War. Now it dresses itself up as the defender of the oppressed, even as it goes out of its way to oppress everyone who dares disagree with it, in any way.

If the people in this mob ever get to positions of power in the Democratic Party they will never give it up. And we might already be in that circumstance now, considering the actions of the present leaders of the Democratic Party since 2016.

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  • roger

    It is astonishing and frightening to view the descent of societal norms and the coarsening of verbal attacks. And this on a University campus.

    What was the mob planning to do to any that they successfully caught?

  • Concerned

    Listening to Charlie Kirk’s show this morning, it was explained how the campus admins were directly responsible for this outcome and enabled the chaos inside the venue. Tickets were reissued the day before the event (after they had been carefully distributed in the weeks before). Someone tipped off a leftist blog and most of the tickets were grabbed by agitators.
    Charlie Kirk is looking to file a lawsuit against the university–they wanted this outcome.

  • Related:

    Just spoke with someone who is politically active and is not liked by the progressives, a very, very contentious relationship.

    Selling the house and moving because of the lawfare harassment.

    “We do not care where you move, we will find you”.

    And that is how the real political warfare game today is played.

  • Also very related:


    “Someone at some point is going to have to take care of business. Is that someone you? Authoritarian chaos and force are the signature moves of the radical Socialists anywhere that they are allowed to exist and prosper. ”

  • pzatchok

    The admin might not be directly responsible for this. But they are culpable.

    On the vast majority of campuses most of the office work is done by students working for some spare cash.
    They could very well have done everything all on their own.

    In many of not most cases the students have access to all of the student records and all of the faculty records.
    Add in the fact that local democrats would also have access to voting records and know who registered as a republican or not.

    With just a few hours work they could have a total list of who to lynch and who to call up to do it. Thanks to campus social media everyone can be contacted by the university by phone in case of an emergency.

    Its even possible that they could gain access to the payment records and credit or debt card numbers.

    Back in the day I once had access just like that to our local university mainframe. I had full access and could see and adjust everything on the system. From grades to payroll.
    And i was not a programing student. I just read the password on the desk of the guy in charge. Do not use post-it notes. They didn’t change the pass word for 3 years.

    I put nothing past an ingenious student with low morals.

  • Richard M

    What’s on that video fits the definition of “feral mob.”

  • Ming O'Mongo

    Mau Dz-dung’s Red Guards rise again. Las year, I thought the preppers were going overboard.

  • Jeff Wright

    A lot of protesters were probably told Kyle shot black folks–untrue.

  • James Street

    I’m proud of the restraint our side has shown.

  • wayne

    The Interview: Kyle Rittenhouse
    Rekieta law (January 25, 2023)

  • The niellist / Marxist / Democrat party agenda of authoritarian control and force begins in grade school and is cemented in place in the University system that fabricates the fully indoctrinated teachers and administrators that then populate and run the schools and universities. And the cycle of “creative destruction” and “equity” is complete.

    A rational woman says what must be said and she is 100% correct and accurate: 3 min. 18 sec.

    And those who have been processed through this “righteous” system are in some instances also in control of the law and justice system and they have made it a Subjective weapon of their particular perspective. Everything that is NOT what America at these levels is by design about.

    Have there been gross inequities and abuses of power in the past?

    Yes, but the one does not justify the other nor does it create a compensation for any real or perceived abuses of the past. The past is the past and nothing can be done to undo it. Not even some good old feel-good retribution.

    These kinds of insanities will eventually by design will result in social unrest and violence IMO before this cycle of social rebalancing is complete, if ever.

  • How things will apparently unfold leading up to the 2024 presidential election:

    Gateway: Congressman Ken Buck resigns: “Dirty Ken Buck already said more Republicans will follow him out of Congress before the year ends. This will give Democrats the majority just as the 2024 election unfolds.”

    “Republics” are resigning in numbers that will ensure the Democrats control of the Congress, the Senate and the presidency before the 2024 presidential election.

    Gateway: Congressman Mike Gallegher RINO strategically resigns: “Gallagher announced he will leave in mid-April. If Gallagher would have left before April 9th he would have triggered a special election in his district. Because he is leaving after April 9th but still in April, there will be no special election so the seat will remain empty.”

    “This ensures that Republicans will lose another seat in Congress.”

    Sounds about right.

    Starts with “T” ends in “Eason”.

    Politics is the dirtiest, filthiest most corrupt activity that human beings participate in.

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