More Boca Chica residents move out, accepting SpaceX offers

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More Boca Chica residents have accepted SpaceX purchase offers, and are finding other places to live.

While not all are thrilled with the circumstances, the article suggests that there is far more good will then unhappiness. It appears the excitement of what SpaceX is doing, and its willingness to give these residents special viewing privileges in the future, has done wonders to ease the pain for many of them for having to sell their homes.

It has also produced youtube channels providing 24 hour live streams of SpaceX operations.



  • Tom

    If the French, Russian and legacy American launch service providers are not shaking in their boots, they are head-in-the-sand fools. And, I’m sure that by now, the Chinese have made the exfiltration (read stealing) of SpaceX and Blue Origin trade secrets a top priority, if not their #1 priority.

    Lastly, the wonders that were SLS are fading fast into history and will forever more be cited as the perfect tortoise and hare use case example! That program may get the axe before they get stack #2 off the ground. We’ll never see #3. I expect the SLS production lines to be converted over to manufacturing SpaceX components.

  • Chris Lopes

    “I expect the SLS production lines to be converted over to manufacturing SpaceX components.”

    Musk would never accept such inefficient manufacturing facilities.

  • @ Chris Lopes: Well played, sir.

  • Dick Eagleson

    Well, SpaceX probably wouldn’t find much use for what’s inside Michoud, but the buildings are another matter. The SpaceX mothership in Hawthorne is a repurposed ex-Northrop facility and word is that SpaceX also intends to rehab and refit at least the bigger derelict structures on the Terminal Island site it just leased in the L.A. harbor. The initial refit at Hawthorne was done in about six weeks. The Terminal Island buildings are in much worse shape so will probably take longer. Compared to either Terminal Island or Hawthorne, though, Michoud would be a piece of cake.

  • Zed_WEASEL

    Problem with Michoud is that you are limited to about 8.4 meter diameter cores with the current facilities, AIUI.

    SpaceX is more likely to build up their future facilities mostly with Sprung Instant Structures.

    Also interesting factoid from the NSF forum is that the FAA mandated the no residents allowed in Boca Chica Village due to its proximity to the nearby launch site.

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