More brainlessness from Ebola experts and government operatives

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Disconnected from reality: A liberal doctor, having just returned from Guinea where he was frequently exposed to ebola, wandered about New York City for days, thus ignoring government protocols that required him to limit his contact with outsiders.

Lo and behold, 9 days after his return he is diagnosed with Ebola. But that’s okay, he meant well! He cared!

However, this isn’t the worst of it. The police, after securing the doctor’s apartment, removed their gloves and masks used to protect them and dumped them in an ordinary street trash container on a public street.

Check out the pictures at the website. As stupid and unbelievable as it seems, it’s true. Don’t they see how insane this is, how completely disconnected from reality they are? Sadly no, they don’t. Expect more madness like this in the coming days.



  • Cotour

    Many of my customers are high level and front line healthcare professionals in NYC. Many of them are a bit uneasy at this point in time, especially with the flu season being upon us and Ebola potential being introduced into the mix. Look for mass transit ridership in NYC to decline and the federal government to continue there politically oriented, not practical and logical decisions to continue.

    I really have no problem coming to the conclusion that deep down Mr. Obama is willing to remain slack on reasonably controlling the Ebola potential from Africa in order to equally distribute the pain of this deadly disease to America. You don’t have to cut off all trade and travel just implement reasonable precautions, LIKE MANDATING THAT ANYONE WHO HAS HAD DIRECT CONTACT WITH EBOLA PATIENTS IN AFRICA REMAIN ISOLATED FROM OTHERS FOR THE APPROPRIATE NUMBER OF DAYS WHEN THEY COME HOME SO THEY DO NOT INFECT OTHER PEOPLE!

    Is it just me.

  • jwing

    Several reports have maintained that the ebola virus is virulent from 30 days up to 90 days in semen, and yet I have heard nothing from the CDC stating that the disease is a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

    I wonder if due to political correctness the STD angle has been played down. I posit that as an STD, it would be major secondary source vector and could explain the cyclical outbreak very 10 -15 years of ebola in West Africa. The primary source vector being game meat with the further spreading due to promiscuous sexual practice.

    Just a thought.

  • Rick Edwards

    I fear that the success that has been had treating victims in this country may cause complacency.
    Then we will see a massive outbreak.

  • Cotour

    Is this president and the people that surround him really this far behind the curve?

  • wodun

    The protocols that health workers have to follow are so onerous and tedious that they have to be a little upset that they were the ones that got called on to pull Ebola duty.

    It takes so many people and resources just to treat just one patient that we should take whatever steps possible to prevent it coming to our country. Sure, isolation for a month is a burden but the alternatives are so much worse.

  • E Wolf

    Agree. What is astonishing is that we have known about this threat for sometime. One would think that non-essential, non-medical travel could have easily been banned and, for those who do travel to West Africa to help, a quarantine site (isolated military base?) and protocol should have been established. The “preparation” has been pathetic

  • Edward

    Robert said: “But that’s okay, he meant well! He cared!”

    Remember: caring is sharing, even if you’re sharing Ebola among friends.

    I also like that we keep being told that the system is working, because they keep discovering people who have Ebola and then quarantining them. The system might be working as (mis)designed, but a proper working system would not allow for those with Ebola to roam among us, either spreading the disease or spreading the fear of contracting the disease.

    And a working system would not result in bowling alleys being shut down.

    Leave it to politicians and policy-makers to think that they are design engineers (or that they are doctors, for that matter). Most of these people are not nearly as smart as they think they are, especially when they ignore the *actual* doctors and engineers among them.

    Speaking of shut-down bowling alleys (and schools), when they tell us that we must come in direct contact in order to contract the disease or that the disease only survives on surfaces for a couple of hours (which is it, guys; can we or can’t we contract it from touching a surface?), then why did they close down the bowling alley the next day ( many more than two-hours later)? Closing the bowling alley tells us that it is *still* a place of contagion. What are we to believe when the words don’t match the actions? (***RHETORICAL QUESTION ALERT*** — Of course we are to believe the actions.)

    And since we can’t believe them on these matters, can we really believe them that it is not contagious until after symptoms arrive, and if so, then which symptoms? (This one is not so rhetorical.)

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