More crushing Obama regulation to come

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Despite the just completed elections, where the voters clearly indicated their disinterest in the additional environmental rules supported by Democrats, Obama is gearing up for an “onslaught” of new regulations.

The Obama administration is set to roll out a series of climate and pollution measures that rivals any president’s environmental actions of the past quarter-century — a reality check for Republicans who think last week’s election gave them a mandate to end what they call the White House’s “War on Coal.”

Tied to court-ordered deadlines, legal mandates and international climate talks, the efforts scheduled for the next two months show that President Barack Obama is prepared to spend the remainder of his term unleashing sweeping executive actions to combat global warming. And incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will have few options for stopping the onslaught, though Republicans may be able to slow pieces of it.

If anyone has any doubt left that this president, and the left, doesn’t care what the American public wants, this story lays that doubt to rest forever. Barack Obama dislikes the idea of democracy, of following the will of the people. Instead, he wants to rule as a dictator, dictating the rules that he thinks are right. And the left that supports him supports this tyrannical approach.



  • wodun

    It is interesting how Politico reports Obama’s international agreements as a done deal without bringing up that the Senate is supposed to approve treaties. Just because Obama is playing word games by calling a treaty a pledge, the Senate is supposed to approve agreements that entangle us with other countries.

    “If anyone has any doubt left that this president, and the left, doesn’t care what the American public wants, this story lays that doubt to rest forever.”

    First time in our history, that a President has claimed a mandate is given by the people who didn’t vote and then creates imaginary policy positions that this group holds. It is like Obama’s typical use of strawman tactics only this time is creates a strawman that agrees with him.

  • PeterF

    Apparently the EPA has just declared 1.4 million acres of Colorado and Utah off limits to energy exploration to protect another “endangered” bird species.

  • Edward

    In 2012 there were approximately 250,000,000 Americans of voting age.
    Obama got about 66,000,000.
    This means there was 184,000,000 people who DIDN’T vote for him.
    About 3 times as many who voted for him.
    By his own rules he should not be allowed to claim he has any support and he should resign. Make him live by his own rules.

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