More data tampering at NOAA

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The uncertainty of science: An analysis of the 2015 climate data released by NOAA suggests that they continue to adjust the data on a yearly basis to cool the past and warm the present so as to create the false illusion of global warming,.

More here. There is no justification for these adjustments. None. Worse, the NOAA scientists don’t even bother to try to explain the changes, even the changes to past data from 2014 to 2015.

The most damning aspect is that the adjustments only shift things in one direction — increasing the illusion that the climate is warming. This strongly suggests that these changes are political and not scientific, and that there is fraud and corruption at NOAA.


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  • Publius 2

    This revelation, combined with the Army’s refusal to prosecute the deserter Bergdahl, the Department of Justice refusing to convene a grand jury to investigate Hillary Clinton’s blatant breach of national security, and the IRS demonstrably lying to a judge and to Congress, show incontrovertibly that the Obama administration is massively corrupt — and probably completely so. I no longer have any doubt that the government of the United States has become a criminal organization. The only question remaining is how much longer the American people will tolerate such a situation.

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