More data tampering to prove global warming, this time with tidal gauges

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An analysis of the adjustments made to three Indian Ocean tidal gauges suggests that this was not to correct errors but to tamper with the data to prove global warming and an accelerating rise in sea level because of it.

The authors do not mince their words. They refer to these adjustments as “highly questionable” and “suspicious.”

That’s because they can find no plausible scientific explanation for the adjustments.

The last sentence is the bottom line. At no time are such adjustments ever justified with any credible or plausible scientific evidence. They are always “arbitrary,” a word used repeatedly in the paper. And as the paper’s author’s also note,

It is always highly questionable to shift data collected in the far past without any proven new supporting material.



  • Phill O

    The whole basis in examining affects is for base line data or a control group. This concept seems to be lost on academia in the fairly recet past. The ozone concentrations being one example. Worse, is the manipulation of the baseline data..

  • Phill O

    That should be recent not recet. This keyboard needs work!

  • Joe

    They have no shame, they will make the data fit the models.

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