More delays seen in the completion of a new and critical module to the Russian portion of ISS.

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More delays seen in the completion of a new and critical module to the Russian portion of ISS.

The delays have nothing to do with the Ukraine and everything to do with poor quality control in the Russian company building the module.

This quote stood out however:

With its central position in the architecture of the Russian segment, the MLM’s troubles also stall the launch of all subsequent Russian components of the station, including the Node Module, UM, (already under construction) and the NEM laboratory and power supply module, whose full-scale development started in 2012.

Given such a prolonged delay, combined with worsening political relations between Russia and its partners in the ISS project, the questions were raised whether the MLM module and the successive components of the Russian segment could be grounded until the assembly of the new all-Russian station in the post-ISS era. Under such a scenario, the troubled spacecraft could play a role of an early hub for the future orbital outpost.

If the Russians get enough modules built to launch their own station, I expect them to do it and cut their ties with ISS.


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  • geoffc

    The current Russian plan is to launch the MLM to dock to Zvezda’s (Service Module) down facing port. Then doc the UM (sphere with 6 docking ports) to the bottom of MLM. Then add two more nodes.

    Once that is done, they can detach from the ISS and have a full standalone station of their own. They potentially can take Zvezda with them depending on if the ISS is being deorbited or not.

    So not really anything new here. Just a possible chaneg in timeline.

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