More Democrats Join Threat to Hold Up Debt Ceiling Vote Without Spending Cuts

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This is hopeful news: More Democrats are threatening to hold up the debt ceiling vote unless there are more spending cuts.



  • Kelly Starks

    WOAH! Dems dising Obamas no-cuts/raise-taxes/blame-the-rich proposals in favor of something much more Ryan or debit commission ish?!!

    This is new. Likely significant.

    I heard a report on the news last night that Bohner was finding there just aren’t the votes to raise the debt ceiling, regardless of the impacts, unless there are SERIOUS efforts to cut spending and the deficit. How much political back bone backs those statements is a good question – but Dems openly contradicting the direction Obama and Pelosi are advocating is risky for them.

  • larry

    Sigh – Robert this is where you go off the deep end. You really don’t have a financial understanding.
    I keep hearing on your various interviews you don’t like Math – no suprise from your judgement calls.

    Everytime I see the Tea Party Patriots logo – I have to drill deep. Facts man Facts.

    No question there are serious issues – but from what i have seen and review. You have been to many fantasies about Atlas Shrug.

    I have been fighting this financial thief since the early 80’s. And NOW after Bush and the damn Iraq war which bankrupt America you get pissed.

    Wow – you guys are so on top of it. And what about that decision about making Corporations = People by the Supreme Court.

    NO PROTEST – friggin hypocrite’s.

  • Kelly Starks

    >…after Bush and the damn Iraq war which bankrupt America you get pissed.

    Oh man! Did you just blow your cred. GAO numbers are the Iraq and Aphgan wars combined ran about $800 billion total by the time Bush left office. Thats less then any of Obamas stimulas debaucles, or about half of a Obama year deficit. Hell Obama added more to the debt in the last year year and a half then Bush did in 8 years.

    No Blameing Bush sysdrom is only beleaved by fanatic Obama fans anymore. Even the dem leaders cringe.

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