More destroyed evidence at the IRS

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Working for the Democratic Party: The IRS now reports that as many as 20 individuals under investigation for the agency’s harassment of Obama’s political opponents have had computer crashes, losing their emails.

IRS Deputy Associate Chief Counsel Thomas Kane said in transcribed congressional testimony that more IRS officials experienced computer crashes, bringing the total number of crash victims to “less than 20,” and also said that the agency does not know if the lost emails are still backed up somewhere.

The new round of computer crash victims includes David Fish, who routinely corresponded with Lois Lerner, as well as Lerner subordinate Andy Megosh, Lerner’s technical adviser Justin Lowe, and Cincinnati-based agent Kimberly Kitchens.

But hey, Lois Lerner says she did nothing wrong!



  • wodun

    It was previously reported that 2000 people at the IRS had hard drive crashes. The number was thrown up in defense of how common a hard drive crash is but we may find that all or most of these people were involved in Obama’s persecution of political dissidents.

  • Edward

    Is there any news as to how many hard drives *haven’t* crashed from people who are under investigation? Are there only 20 people under investigation, or are there more? And if there are more, just how widespread is this scandal?

    So far, it sounds like it could be around 1% of the whole IRS is under investigation (more if the 2,000 crashed hard drives that happened throughout the IRS include servers, not just the desktops/laptops), or about 900 employees, if the expected rate really is 2,000 crashed hard drives for every 90,000 employees. But then, I am depending upon data provided by the IRS, so it is hard to determine how corrupt it is.

  • DK Williams

    In the last 20 years I’ve had exactly one hard drive crash and that was because an incompetent IT person crashed it along with several others.

  • Pzatchok

    Pretty much the same.
    In 20 years I have had 3 hard drives die on me. Only one was unrecoverable. But they were all due to age. I’ll run a hard drive till it shows errors then I transfer the data I want over to a new one and use the old one as a second drive on the same system until it is totally unusable.

    One the circuit board died on me and I had to go find an old second hand one to replace it. I ended up getting the drive running again with no data loss.

    I just don’t understand how they can lose data with pro IT people available day and night.
    Or how the data can not be recovered.
    It just shows how incompetent their IT guys are.

    Even encrypted data is recoverable.

    Or they are just getting rid of the data and using a hard drive crash as an excuse.

  • Orion314

    As ANYONE in the I. T. buis will tell ya, this many harddrvies crashing is nothing but an outright LIE, the odds of this many failures must be in the trillions to one.. MTBF being what it is…..all these federal “workers” who state so should be in gitmo until they start rolling over….

  • Chris Kirkendall

    Wait a minute – why are we still talking about hard drive crashes? Don’t e-mails reside on Servers? I’m no computer expert, but I had a Laptop crash & they were able to retrieve most of the files on it, but above all, when I bought a new Laptop, voila – all my e-mails were there ! ! You don’t lose e-mails from a hard drive crash, right? If I’m wrong, I want someone to tell me so. If I’m right, then this whole hard-drive thing is nonsense – unless the IRS’s ENTIRE SERVER went down, right ?? Again, please tell me if I’m wrong about this. If I’m right, the IRS are even bigger liars than most people realize & there would be every reason to believe every single Lerner e-mail (as well as anyone else’s) should be entirely retrievable. The ONLY way they’d be gone for good is if someone deliberately ensured they were permanently erased – which of course would be a criminal act – not that THAT would come as any surprise…

  • It is possible that her emails were on her hard drive and that the IRS servers did not save them for a prolonged period, as the IRS claims. However, every IT guy interviewed about this story has considered it a lie, that standard procedures should have made the loss of these emails practically impossible. Either the IRS was very incompetent (a strong possibility) or it was destroying evidence.

    Or maybe both.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    Thanks for that additional perspective, Bob – it makes sense. But regardless of whether the e-mails were only present on hard drives, how is it possible that virtually every single person the Committee wants e-mail records from are now claiming to have suffered hard drive crashes? That’s preposterous – the odds against such a thing happening within that timeframe are astronomical & if not absolute proof of wrongdoing, at the very least, it makes a very strong case that evidence has been (& probably continues to be…) deliberately destroyed – these are clearly criminal acs.

    By the way – regarding the possibility that some tapes were kept that might have some of these e-mails – given what’s already happened & the months that have passed, I would be willing to bet NOTHING will be found on those tapes – OOPS, we lost that data too ! ! Of course, we can expect the Obama Admin will then claim, well, that’s it – there’s no proof of any of this, so it’s time to shut down this investigation – nothing to see here, folks, time to move on…

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