More enraged anti-American protests against Trump

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Feel the hate: Though there was less violence than previous anti-Trump protests, the protesters yesterday in San Diego, as shown by this report, illustrated several things about what they stand for.

First, they hate the United States. Just look at the plethora of Mexican flags, as well as the signs, including one that proudly reads, “America was never great,” with the word America made of dripping blood.

Second, they hate Trump. Once again, their signs and behavior, including attacking any Trump supporters that happened walk by, prove this.

Three, they hate knowledge. In this case the sign that reads “We are all women! Mexican! Muslim! Love trumps hate!” illustrates this, since it incoherently supports women and Islam at the same time, somehow forgetting that Islam is probably the world’s most aggressive oppressive of women.

Four, they hate whites, demonstrated by the signs that read “Brown power will rise!!!” and “Black and Brown lives matter” (found here).

I could go on. What I really want to note is that these people, who also make very clear their leftwing agenda, simply hate. The anger and intolerance of those they disagree with or have a skin color (white) they don’t like, is obvious and disgusting. What I find interesting is the left has always been this way, but for some reason they no longer feel a need to disguise it.


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  • Cotour

    Trumps American interest based rhetoric is exactly what makes LA RAZA and their followers very nervous. I believe what they believe is that the white man stole lower California / Texas from the Mexicans and in time that will reverse. You know, when ‘social justice ” is fully implemented by the leftists running America.

    Trump’s American rhetoric is their worst nightmare.

  • wodun

    Zombie’s posts are always excellent. She does the work that our journalists should be doing. Not sure why ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, or any of the others refuse to take a look at these non-profit activist groups engaging in politics, their tactics, organizational structures, or who funds them other than the desire to protect the Democrat party.

  • Edward

    Most interesting. Farther down is another “America Was Never Great” sign that also has a timeline showing slavery and segregation in America. Strangely, it does not mention that the Mayan Empire, Mexico before there was a Mexico, performed human sacrifices. That seems to me a bit worse than segregation and slavery.

  • Cotour

    “Slavists” are under the impression that the white man invented slavery and it only existed here in the colony’s. Little do they realize that ultimately it was the white man with his Constitution who ended it here in America and in most of the rest of the world. Their narrative is a bit narrow and self serving, sounds great though when you are spouting it in front a bunch of mind numbed 20 year old piles of moldable intellectual mush and the eternally dependent.

  • Wayne

    Right on point.

  • Cotour

    Listen here to pure indoctrinated leftist ignorance, an elected representative does not think it fair that the Declaration be recited, I suppose to not even be known of ? She does not even think it relevant because Dr. Martin Luther King did not exist, nor did anyone alive today exist at the time it was written.

    Q: Why is she not still a slave? How is it that there are no longer slaves in America?

    I would love to hear her address that question, how might she attempt to answer it? It boggles my mind.

  • Wayne

    Cotour– yow, what an ignorant nut-job!

  • Wayne

    Cotour: (indeed anyone)

    Tangential, but hits on your/Edward/woduns, comments on the original post;
    Excellent, lengthy, (2-part) author-discussion at the John Batchelor Show recently;

    “Eternity Street: Violence & Justice in Frontier Los Angeles” by Mack Faragher.
    Lots of good historical factoids on California & Mexico.
    -You’ve got the Spanish, Mexico, indigenous Indians, & “Californio’s,” all vying for eventual control of modern day “California.”
    –Spanish were enslaving “Indians” in California, long before we got into it.

    As for the violent Trump-haters: It’s incredibly odd that “Feminist’s” align with the Muslims, and Mexican’s, against Trump. Incoherent & bizzaro special-interest blocks, the only thing which unites them is their hatred of Trump and indeed America, Capitalism, and Freedom/Liberty. Trump is not my Guy, but these people are dangerous & a threat to us all.
    As Mr. Z notes, “they no longer feel a need to disguise it.”

  • Edward

    Re Cotour’s recommended video:
    It seems that the speaker does not realize that in order to rectify an injustice, it is necessary to define and declare the injustice. That is what the Declaration that she despised was all about. Even the US Constitution was able to put in place controls on slavery, despite the great economic dependence that some of its signatories had on the practice.

    That people do not understand these concepts is yet another impeachment of our public education system.

  • Cotour

    I forgot to include this additional comment: What a bunch of stupid bastards.

  • Cotour

    Related because Trump says the he will reject “global warming” doctrine, or what ever it is being called at the moment:

    Now this is just inconvenient, might God (if there is a God) be actively screwing with the globalists and Obama specifically?

  • Joe

    Cotour, based on Trumps position on global warming alone, I will vote for him! Climate change may very well be the number one fraud perpetrated on man kind, while its a disaster, it has not yet affected us any where near the fraud of communism or socialism has on its victims.

  • Cotour

    Did you ever think that you would be “down” with weed smokin, gangsta rapper Snoop Dog?

    And he is exactly correct, Hollywood and the Left continuously must reinforce the “slave” narrative in order to keep the “natives” restless. Such sick individuals and a sick movement, they must have a continuing culture of rage and dependency in order to keep their power. Two thumbs up Snoop.

    Me thinks that a great wind of change is going to begin to blow this November, both nationally and locally.

  • Joe

    I hope you are right Cotour

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