More evidence NOAA has tampered with climate data

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More global-warming fraud: Scientists have uncovered more tampering by NOAA of its climate temperature data to create the illusion that the climate is warming.

When Dr. Roy Spencer looked up summer temperature data for the U.S. Corn Belt, it showed no warming trend for over a century. But that was before temperatures were “adjusted” by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration climate scientists. Now the same data shows a significant warming trend.

Spencer, a climate scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, said that the National Climatic Data Center made large adjustments to past summer temperatures for the U.S. Corn Belt, lowering past temperatures to make them cooler. Adjusting past temperatures downward creates a significant warming trend in the data that didn’t exist before. “I was updating a U.S. Corn Belt summer temperature and precipitation dataset from the NCDC website, and all of a sudden the no-warming-trend-since-1900 turned into a significant warming trend,” Spencer wrote on his blog, adding that NCDC’s “adjustments” made the warming trend for the region increase from just 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit per century to 0.6 degrees per century.

As Spencer notes, correcting the data for errors would normally cause adjustments in both directions. NOAA’s adjustments, however, are always in one direction: from cooler to warmer. This suggests manipulation and fraud, not an effort to improve the data. And that they have consistently refused to explain their adjustments in detail further reinforces this conclusion.



  • Cotour

    Listening to this guy this morning and he just plain lays out that the reasonable doubt is only a function of manipulation, period, end of the story. Humans are now apparently in full control of the climate?

    Has the subject become so mired in misinformation and manipulation by both sides to effectively tell the difference now?

  • Frank

    Its NOAA, NASA, EPA, IPCC, and Obama’s war on science.

  • Joe

    With the amount of money floating around coming from global warming advocates, it is no surprise that a movie is being made to suggest that the skeptical community is trying to outdo the pro-warmers, anything Hollywood does is suspect in my opinion. The fact that the government alphabet agency’s are revising temp records is telling.

  • Cotour

    Another thing that “climate change” “could” be responsible for:

    I ask again, when does the climate not change? I find the term maddening and intellectually dishonest.

  • PeterF

    Lying to prove your point only proves your point is false.
    At least all of the data being collected because of the “human caused global climate warming change disaster” scam will one day be used for REAL climate science, if the researchers can successfully separate the raw data from the “adjustments”

  • Cotour

    By that time the powers that be, if the trend continues as it is at the moment, will have convinced the public that “they” have arrested the causes of this “climate change” that are caused by humanity and are continuing to make adjustments.

    The masses will be so stupid at that point that they will tend to believe them without question because if you do not someone will make a phone call and you will be taken away. I have read several story’s about monetary rewards being offered by local authorities for making the phone call turning in offenders for what ever reason for what ever offence.

  • Edward

    Hmm. How fascinating. The mummies are in climate controlled buildings, yet it is “climate change” that is blamed. Or, if the museum is not climate controlled, we know that the problem is that the curator(s) is shirking his responsibility.

    Maybe they should put the blame where it actually belongs: the changed environment due to their removal from the pyramids and other crypts from which they came.

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