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More evidence of recent active volcanism on Venus

In a just published paper, scientists using archive data from the Magellan radar orbiter that circled Venus from 1990 to 1994, combined with data from Europe’s Venus Express that orbited from 2006 to 2015, have detected more evidence of recent volcanic activity in a canyon dubbed Ganis Chasma located in a rift zone called Atla Regio.

From the paper’s conclusion:

The pattern of the radar emissivity in these regions is consistent with relatively young and unweathered materials. The transient IR-bright spots in these regions detected 20 years after Magellan, provide independent corroboration of active volcanism in Ganis Chasma since the 1990’s.

As a possible site of current tectonic and volcanic activity, Atla Regio represents one important science target for the upcoming missions to Venus.

There are presently four missions planned for Venus, Europe’s EnVision orbiter, NASA’s VERITAS and DAVINCI+ probes, and Russia’s Venera-D missoin. All will certainly take a closer look at this region to see if there is active volcanism going on there now.

Genesis cover

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  • Cotour

    What do you think the concentration of CO2 is in this experiment?

    421 ppm?

    Yes, CO2 can cause an increase in temperature, but at what relevant concentration?

    The atmosphere of Venus is 96.4% CO2, that earth? 421 ppm. (There are 10,000 ppm in one percent, 0.04.)

    What would the increase in temperature be in this experiment if the concentration of CO2 were 421ppm?

    Clean up pollution and particulate in the air and dial down the use of fossil fuels through developing new technology and systems to produce energy, Absolutely.

    But lets not do that and destroy our entire system / economy to accomplish that. To do so is not about controlling pollution, to do that is to sell America primarily down the river to the Globalist / Socialist / “Progressive” agenda.

    Reject all zealots.

  • GaryMike

    I’ve always thought that the climatistas only had to change Venus to show they know how to change Earth for the better.

    Who cares if the experiments went wrong?

    The climatistas.

    Doing nothing doesn’t risk their social status

  • Lee S

    @GaryMike, I’m not entirely sure what point you are trying to make there… Could you clarify please..

    @ Cotour…. We are all on here, we all follow the science ( to a certain extent..) . Now, don’t get me wrong, I share some skepticism regarding the global warming panic, but I believe the stakes are too high to do nothing. I know our host, you, and many others here are deeply skeptical of the predicted results of the climate change models.

    My question is, how skeptical are you? Are you 100% it’s all bull crap? , Because if your belief is even 90%, you have to think, would you let your kids play a game with 10% chance of messing up their future, and their friends, and the rest of the world?

    If you are right, we will be remembered as a foolish generation who panicked too easily, if you are wrong, and we do nothing when we had the chance to, we will be remembered as the generation that burnt the earth.

    I would rather be remembered as a member of the generation that cared enough about our children to try and avert a possible catastrophe.. be we right or wrong.

  • Cotour

    “Clean up pollution and particulate in the air and dial down the use of fossil fuels through developing new technology and systems to produce energy, Absolutely. But lets not do that and destroy our entire system / economy to accomplish that. To do so is not about controlling pollution, to do that is to sell America primarily down the river to the Globalist / Socialist / “Progressive” agenda.

    Reject all zealots.”

    In that very simple demonstration showing the effects of CO2 on temperature in an enclosed environment, what is the concentration of CO2?

    Is it 421ppm? Or is it 20,000ppm? 80,000ppm? I strongly suspect that an experiment where there was a measured 421ppm CO2 would not result in a 9-degree differential. IMO its a bit of a bait and switch.

    Speaking of which.

    And just like Carl Sagan using the example of the atmosphere of Venus in an analogy to earth’s atmosphere I find these simplistic kinds of rationales for destroying our economy and in turn surrendering our sovereignty to a world / Globalist run planet,
    For the sake of the kids” a false moralistic political choice.

    I also find your “If we can save one child from living on a stressful and overheated earth”, very Clintonesque.

    “Its for the children” Or, “If it saves just one life”. That is also a good one.

    The reality is IMO the earth is still in a warming phase of its cycle and will in time once again go into a cooling phase and massive glaciers will once again grow upon the earth,. And puny little man will have little to no effect on that cycle and cannot for one second control or influence either that warming or that cooling.

    Clean up the pollution? Use less fossil fuels? Absolutely. But not at the cost of our civilization and more importantly America’s sovereignty.

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