More evidence you can’t trust anything Donald Trump says

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Just go to this link and read it. Trump has increasingly reminded me of Clinton in everything he has said and done in the past few weeks, with only one problem. Clinton has more style and a greater understanding of policy, even if I disagreed with him and considered him a liar in almost everything he said.

More and more I am convinced that this prediction of Trump’s administration will turn out to be exactly right.



  • Wayne

    Yow. That RedState article is particularly scary.
    Trump apparently believes the entire US economy is all under the control of the Federal Government, Inc., and he can treat it all as just moving pieces around the Monopoly board.
    Shows his complete ignorance of 20th century American history (& our Government in general) & he must have not been paying attention in Econ class at Wharton–I’m no CPA or Economist, but Trump co-mingles issues such as Trade & Defense, with current-account accounting & jumbles it all together into some (delusional) balance-sheet ‘thang, only he is smart enough to have figured out.

  • Cotour

    Now lets weigh the Trump information against this:

    1. Her spawn telegraphs her intent in regards to the second amendment. What do they suppose will happen when all of the legal gun owners in the country are disarmed, and only the criminal element is armed?

    2. Judge Napalitano on the FBI and whether there is enough evidence to indict Hillary. You have to think that he has some inside information and is the reason that he is speaking with such confidence.

    This is what America is boiling down to, oy.

  • Arnie Stang

    Robert’s delusional dream just proves that “Rocket Scientists aren’t necessarily smart people.

  • ken anthony

    It’s understandable that people want ‘a definite plan’ but life doesn’t always work like that. Communism has great plans that never work.

    I’d rather someone fighting for American interests. We’ve had almost eight years of aid to our enemies.

  • Cotour

    “We’ve had a lot to absorb—the breaking of a party, the rise of an outlandish outsider; a lurch to the left in the other party, the popular rise of a socialist. Alongside that, the enduring power of a candidate even her most ardent supporters accept as corrupt. Add the lowering of standards, the feeling of no options, the coarsening, and all the new estrangements.”

  • Lois Johnson

    Red State supports Cruz. Good to keep that in mind.

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