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More fake papers accepted by sociology/gender/racism journals

In what has become almost a regular event, several honest academics (who call by the way identify themselves as “leftwing”) have once again successfully gotten published seven bogus papers in journals centered on gender, feminist, race, and ethnic studies.

Once they had a grasp on what was already being published, they quickly wrote 20 bogus papers. Seven of those were accepted for publication by various journals and several others were pending rewrites and probably would have been accepted if the authors hadn’t been forced to call off the experiment early. For comparison purposes, seven papers is the average number you would need to publish over seven years in order to secure tenure at most universities. The authors estimate at least 10 of the 20 would have been accepted given more time. And they could have kept churning these out and had one or two new papers accepted for publication every month, for as long as they wanted to continue.

They key point here is that the papers themselves were written not as an attempt to expand knowledge but as pure sophistry. Each one started with an absurd premise and then used the contours of social justice thought, what the authors call “grievance studies,” to make the premise seem plausible.

It is worth reading their full report. To show how corrupt these fields have become, one of those accepted papers simply took a chapter of Hitler’s Mein Kampf and reshaped it slightly using feminist jargon. As the project’s authors found. the point of these publications has nothing to do with knowledge,

This is the primary point of the project: What we just described is not knowledge production; it’s sophistry. That is, it’s a forgery of knowledge that should not be mistaken for the real thing. The biggest difference between us and the scholarship we are studying by emulation is that we know we made things up. [emphasis in original]

Below the fold is a short video the three scholars produced to explain their work, what it accomplished, and their own conclusions, which strongly condemn the entire field of ethnic, race, and gender studies.

The real problem however is not what these scholars learned and demonstrated. That these fields are corrupt and infused with leftist political ideology that makes all worthwhile research impossible has been proven for decades. In 1996 physicist Alan Sokol did exactly the same thing, getting a top sociology journal to publish a fake paper purposely filled with the obtuse leftist jargon that these journals prize.

The real problem is that nothing changes. These journals continue to publish this crap and the departments and fake professors who produce it continue to be funded. In fact, since Sokal’s hoax in 1996 their funding and power has grown, not shrunk, despite repeated similar stories in the past two decades demonstrating their willingness to publish fake papers, as long as those papers advocate political leftist garbage that works to destroy the search for truth that is the hallmark of western civilization.

The journals that accepted the seven papers above should all be shut down, today. The schools that fund the departments that publish in those journals should be closed, today. The professors who teach in those departments should be fired, today. None of them contribute anything worthwhile to our society or to academic scholarship, and in fact they are fueling the racial hatred and intolerance that is now pervading American intellectual society.

Unfortunately, I have no faith that any of that will happen. Instead, I expect their corrupt bigoted leftist effort to continue to grow, permeating more aspects of modern intellectual life, with the resulting hate they engender causing a growth in violence and oppression.

Genesis cover

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  • wodun

    These majors only exist because colleges force students to take classes in them. We need a movement to force colleges to allow online classes to substitute for meatspace classes and then for non-Marxists to create online classes to compete with the Marxists. Learning about different ethicities, cultures, and societies is fun and it doesn’t have to be Marxist indoctrination.

    With a handful of classes being able to serve the entire country, there wouldn’t be the demand for each college to hire hordes of teachers, TA’s, and administrators. The effect these majors have on colleges as a whole would diminish.

  • Orion314

    wodun, couldn’t agree more..I never thought i’d long for the days of Joseph Raymond McCarthy, until now, The D party cries out for civil war, and they seem clueless that being on the side of treason, doxxing. and sending Ricin to their enemies will not garner more votes/popularity. The EAS cooked off today, and not by coincidence.. People, If you support the 2nd amendment, better stock up on ammo, because, come this November, after the D’s get slaughtered in the elections, no matter how much they cheat/lie /steal/ murder., count on them to re-define the term “lunatic fringe” The time for kindness and compassion for psychopaths is gone. The universe has more than enough of them.
    Seems the old mantra “better dead than red’ is coming back in vogue

  • John Conyers

    Read about this in the WSJ. Some of the paper topics would be hilarious if you knew that these academics didn’t take them seriously. The newspaper “The Onion” will soon be out of business because of the absurdity we deal with on a daily basis from our leftist citizens.

  • Steve H.

    In many ways I feel sorry for all those involved in these “gender/ ethnic/ racial studies”types of programs. Top to bottom, from the tenured faculty to the freshman under-grad students, if they read this report and take it to heart they will realize that all their acedemics are based on a lie. Just imagine that all the things you were taught, believed and cherished were shown to be a fraud. Yes, the curtain has been pulled back and The Great Oz is just a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Please don’t get me wrong here, I strongly dislike and disagree with their view point, but they are humans after all. This must come as a gut-wrenching moment for many on the left and as a fellow human being I feel very sad for them.

    In the long run this will benefit conservatives, I hope. A parallel here are the many defectors from the old Soviet Union. The basis for many defections was the realization by the individuals that the communist system was a complete fraud and based on lies. As the defections continued the truth that the defectors found in the West could not be supressed any longer. The emptiness of the communist system became widely recognized in the USSR and the Soviet Union collapsed.

    Let’s hope this radical Leftism that has been spawned in the West also is seen as the fraud that it is and suffers the same fate! Maybe I’m a hopeless optimist!?

  • OM

    Orion, I agree: the leftist liberal fascists are going to drown in their own blood!

  • Dave B

    I think it’s happening.
    Look at all the 6 figure job openings for titles like “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer/Leader/Chief” in Universities, health and industry.
    Didn’t the Soviets have a party officer in each little military and industrial group?
    To enforce the party line, else Siberia ?
    What were they called them?

  • wayne

    Dave B:

  • Col Beausabre

    Or “politruk”. The concept, so far as I know, was invented in the French Revolutionary Wars of the 1790’s (The Communists revere the Revolutionaries as a sort of early communists) with the establishment of the office of “commissaire politique (political commissioner)” to accompany the army in the field and ensure proper revolutionary fervor.

  • wayne

    Col Beausabre–
    Good stuff. (you are very well read!)

  • wayne

    Kommissar’s in action…
    Enemy at the Gates

    “One out of two gets a rifle, one without follows him.
    The one with the rifle shoot.
    When the one with the rifle gets killed.
    One who is following pick up the rifle and shoot.”

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