More health insurance cancellations due to Obamacare

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Finding out what’s in it: A new report says that 50,000 people in seven states will have their health insurance plans cancelled in the next month.

This of course is only a small sampling. The disastrous ramifications of Obamacare have only just started.

I wonder if Obama has found out about this. Usually he has to read a newspaper to find out what happens in his administration, and this story is just breaking now.


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  • Press conference 2 October:

    “Mr. President, it seems that 50,000 people in seven states are going to lose healthcare coverage due to provisions in the Affordable Care Act. What do you have to say about that?”

    “Let me just say that I just found out about that. Like ordinary Americans, I get my news from the papers”

    (nervous laughter from audience)

    “And let me say that the Department of Health and Human Services, along with the General Accounting Office, severely underestimated the costs of this law. If I’d, uh, gotten better information, then I would have fought to make sure that this law would be fair to all Americans, and not just the select few who can afford rising premiums.

    In America, those folks who are maybe better off owe it to those less fortunate to give them a hand. That’s why I’m directing Congress to enact legislation that will give all Americans access to healthcare.”

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