More hearings stalling TMT

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Stall, stall: After spending 44 days of hearings before a retired judge, Hawaii is now forcing the consortium that wants to build the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea to undergo further hearings before the local land board.

Wednesday’s hearing in a Hilo hotel comes after the retired judge overseeing contested-case hearings for the Thirty Meter Telescope recommended granting the project a construction permit. Riki May Amano issued her recommendation in July after hearing testimony that spanned 44 days. Opponents and supporters are echoing much of the arguments made during those oftentimes emotional days of testimony.

This short article, which really says little, ends by noting that “it’s not clear when the board will make a decision.”

Well, it is clear to me that the authorities in Hawaii, run exclusively by today’s racially-focused Democratic Party, is stalling as much as they can in order to force TMT to go elsewhere. They know it will not be a popular decision to block the telescope, but they also don’t want it because the hustlers of race on the island are against it. And to the Democratic Party today, the only thing that matters is to appease these race hustlers. So, they stall, figuring they can get rid of the telescope that way without ever having to block it outright.



  • Calvin G Dodge

    Yeah, we all knew that the judge’s ruling allowing TMT to continue really amounted to nothing.

  • hondo

    Why the delay in relocation?
    The desire to nicely placate is annoying and useless.

  • hondo: The best location remains Mauna Kea, so the astronomers are waiting till the last moment in the hope they can get TMT approved. It is a vain hope, but I can understand why they have it.

  • Tom Lynn

    The up-side of the situation on Nauna Kea is that we now know what we could expect on a regular basis from the opposition, if the TMT were installed there.

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